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Lyric® hearing aid is a revolutionary hearing solution bringing people with hearing loss closer to the natural experience of life. Lyric® in-the-ear hearing aids are comfortably placed deep in the ear canal, 4mm from the ear drum, by a Lyric® certified hearing professional during a routine office visit.

Lyric® is the world’s first and only extended wear hearing aid that is worn around the clock for months at a time through activities such as showering, exercising and sleeping – all with no daily hassles. It’s available right through pretty much the whole technology range apart from entry level and is very flexible.Unitron Moxi 3G gives you the most discreet, attractive hearing aids possible without sacrificing on the sophisticated features that will work best for your unique hearing loss.Unitron Moxi is available in Latitude 4, 8, 16 and Passport with wireless connectivity built in AND interestingly a telecoil too!

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