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Our magnetic body jewelry is specifically designed to be worn anywhere on the nose, lips, and ears.
Novotaste can customize flavour systems for your applications with our commercially proven products and methods that will help you reduce butter & sugar in your formulations. WITH SUGAR UNDER ATTACK IN THE MEDIA, SOME COMPANIES ARE LOOKING AT SUGAR REDUCTION STRATEGIES. Sugar has been under increasing attack in the media with reports comparing the overconsumption of the sweetener to cocaine addiction and having similar risks to tobacco and alcohol abuse.
Construction for the new Novotaste building is on course & set to be completed late January 2015. We have compiled a few salt reduction related articles that have been published in the recent while. Besides adding value, we can also formulate authentic flavours containing NO problematic components. The Saskatoon berry has been recognized for hundreds of years by Native Americans for its medicinal properties1.
The unique stainless steel backing magnet is strong, giving the effect of real facial piercing without the pain or permanence of a hole.
If you are working in the food industry (especially flavour houses), this number could easily reach a thousand! Electronic noses have been on the market for years, but recent developments have brought new capabilities & possibilities. Salt reduction has been a very hot topic in Canada over the last few years, but Canadian guidelines have tended to be unclear & inconsistent. This requires the Novotaste R&D team to work directly with your application so that the perfect salt replacer flavour system is customized for your application.

Novotaste added value flavours are different then any of the simple flavour systems that you typically get from other flavour houses. Some classic examples of this would be our Kimchi, Chicken Peanut Satay, Ginger Teriyaki & Green Tea flavour systems. Modern science has supported this practice by revealing the high antioxidant content of the berries.
Magnetic jewelry can be worn safely and comfortably not only on the ears, but also on the nose and anywhere around the lips. Belly button rings, nose rings, lip rings, belly rings, body piercing jewelry, tongue rings and more.
There also exists a magnetic tongue, which works on different principals, but it could be a great compliment to the electronic nose . They are heat stable, 100% natural & can be formulated as oil or water soluble variations.
Regardless of the food industries obligations, reducing sodium in foods still remains a very healthy & popular product improvement move that food companies should be looking into. We can formulate flavour systems that can deliver the best possible profile to your products, while also containing a range of other ingredients such as colours, extracts, essential oils, acids, antioxidants, sugar(s), nutraceuticals, fortifications, texture related ingredients, markers for quality control, sugar substitutes & salt replacers.
They are also a great source of manganese, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, copper and carotene1. Enhance your products with the flavour profiles of 100 year old cognac, 50 year old rum, an exclusive late bottled vintage  porto or a rare wine. It offers an attractive and interactive programming in French for children, adolescents and adults. Simply place the thin backing magnet behind your ear, inside your nose, or between your lip and gum, then place the jewelry in front.

Canadian levels of salt in various food products are currently the highest, when compared to other G20 countries, thus it is clear that Canadian companies will eventually be asked to decrease total sodium levels at one point. Despite its high nutritional benefits, the first Saskatoon berry orchard was planted less than 20 years ago and Saskatoon berries are only beginning to draw consumers’ interest2. Ethanol (food-grade alcohol) gives character to alcoholic beverages & is generally one of the main reasons why they are consumed. The television program that was recorded at Novotaste is fun, but informative with a diverse range of topics. The backing magnet and jewelry attract each other through the skin and hold each other in place.
The flavour of champagne, rum, porto & most alcoholic beverages (not cocktails) is actually perceived to be quite different when there is not alcohol or if certain attributes such as gas (or CO2) levels are modified. The berries have a deep purplish-blue hue and can be found throughout Canada’s prairies. When CO2 is removed from champagne, it can be perceived as being more acidic, bland with some yeast character & having some mild apple top-notes. It is said to have a flavour that is similar to a mix of blackberry, blueberry, and cherry with a hint of almond3.

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