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You add a bracelet to it!  A Premier love-trust-faith-charity-hope one, if you want to be extra snazzy like me! Making your own pieces of jewelry is a great way to add style to any outfit, because with few materials and your imagination can create beautiful necklaces, perfect for any occasion. The advantage of this type of necklace is that you only need little fabric, so that you can give to use your spare fabric from other projects. Another type of necklace is the one that is made by mixing a bit of string and some flowers (can be of any material) you just have to place flowers at some point in the chain and go.
With a base of cloth and some beads can create a bib necklace-so fashionable these days-to do so you must create a design on the fabric and glue or sew the beads, ending with a ribbon placed on the sides that will serve to close the necklace.

Pick up some different color leather, large hole beads, and jewelry charms from Nina Designs. Tie a knot.  And we finished these necklaces with sliding knots so you can adjust the length. Marie is founder and managing editor of Make and Takes, and author of the book, Make and Takes for Kids. That’s why today we offer some ideas for making necklaces so go and increase your collection of jewelry items.
There’s always a project going on at her house and is often cluttered with crafts, glitter, and glue.

I also like to put a little tape around the top of the string so it won’t fray as you string.

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