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We were very warmly welcomed, everything explained very well and the nurse was amazing with my daughter.
The lady was super friendly, made me us comfortable and was really quick so the pain was very minimal for my 6 months old.
Medical science suggests that prolonged exposure to nickel in the form of jewelry and garment fasteners may lead to nickel allergy in the future.
Whether you are looking for baby ear piercing, child ear piercing, or adult ear piercing we have years of experience and use the safest techniques and materials possible.
Medically Trained StaffOur staff are knowledgeable in wound healing, infection prevention and are all immunized against hepatitis B. Medically Sound ProcessesOur staff are knowledgeable in wound healing, infection prevention and are all immunized against hepatitis B. Zero Touch System(ESSCDS) is a zero touch system that ensures that all parts of the ear piercer remain sterile.  This ensures protection against piercer-to-client contamination. Sterile Disposable CassetteThis ESSCDS contains one ear piercing stud and one butterfly for one ear piercing (not two as with many other systems). No Risk of ContactAfter ear piercing, the ESSCDS is enclosed in a SAFETY COVER before being discarded.
The cartilage is the firm tissue which gives the ear, nose or other parts of the body it’s shape and structure. We wanted to have our baby daughter’s ears pierced and could not find a place at which we felt comfortable, in Ohio where we live.

The nurse was so helpful and kind and everything in the office was immaculate down to the piercing.
Vi har lenge visst at vi skal unnga nikkel i smykker for a forhindre utvikling av nikkelallergi. Orepiercing To hull – en piercing De forste hullene er en stor opplevelse for barnet, men ogsa for foreldre som er med. Our piercing earrings are designed to cause the least possible effect on tissue, even less than a needle piercing.
This SAFETY COVER protects all parts of the CASSETTE that have been in contact with, or close to, the ear. There is not the same kind of “built-in” protection against infection in cartilage as there is in the soft part of the ear (the ear lobe). We do not offer or recommend cartilage piercings as it has many dangers. We found the Medical Ear Piercing Clinics online and scheduled an appointment with them to coincide with our trip to visit family in NJ.
It only took about 20 minutes for the whole thing and my daughter came out with the biggest smile.
For the practitioner this means there is no risk of contact with contaminated material and thus no risk of passing on any contaminant to the next client. This ensures protection against piercer to client and client-to-client contamination. The white cells and the oxygen in the red cells of the blood act as a defense against infection. The clinic was very clean and piercing was done with a high degree of precision and professionalism.

I’m pretty sure it’s under different ownership from the past reviews because I have no complaints. Since all metals contain nickel, at least as impurities, we have developed Medical Plastic – ear piercing earrings with 0 (zero) % nickel.
We use titanium of a medical grade quality because of its superior non-allergenic characteristics. As there are no blood vessels in the cartilage there is no defense mechanism against infection.
This ENCAPSULATED CASSETTE contains one ear stud and one butterfly for one ear piercing operation (not two as with other systems).
Infection that occurs around the cartilage is called perichondritis. This infection may not respond to topical antibiotics.
Medical Plastic is especially recommended for children and adults who want to be absolutely sure that they will not develop nickel allergy during the healing period. Titanium tightly binds any nickel that may be present, preventing it from leaking into skin.

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