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Undetected hearing loss in children can result in poor school performance, trouble with social activity and even depression. According to the National Organization for Hearing Research Foundation, loud noises are the number one preventable cause of hearing loss in children. The next time one of your patients comes in for a visit, talk to them about their children or grandchildren’s hearing… prevention and early detection of hearing loss are crucial to their well-being. Bacterial meningitis is a severe form of meningitis particularly for infants and also for the elderly. Pneumococcal meningitis is caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae and generally known to strike infants and the elderly. Streptococcus pneumoniae was identified as the main cause of pneumonia in late 19th century. Children with cold symptoms should be monitored carefully for this condition and tested if a problem is suspected.
Before the use of antibiotics, fatality rate was as high as 70 percent and with the use of antibiotics this has come down to about 15 percent.

In addition to pneumonia, it is known to cause other infections such as acute sinusitis, otitis media, meningitis etc.
When a patient has developed these symptoms and he is suspected to have meningitis, blood tests are required to be conducted to identify the cause of inflammation. Bacterial meningitis has for decades been the leading cause of childhood acquired deafness with approximately 8% of survivors experiencing some degree of permanent hearing loss.Cochlear implants can provide severe to profoundly deaf people who would get little benefit from hearing aids with a sensation of hearing. Adam Hodgkinson and his family are particularly thankful for the way in which cochlear implants have allowed him to continue living a normal life following meningitis.After contracting pneumococcal meningitis aged 8, Adam lost his hearing and became dependant on communicating with his family by writing notes. Later when its growth in liquid media was identified, it was renamed as Streptococcus pneumoniae in 1974.
Our lives were then taken over by professionals who were to become an integral part of our lives and we are truly blessed by their involvement now. The complications include loss of hearing, learning disabilities, mental difficulties and palsies. Adam received his first cochlear implant six months after the meningitis had so cruelly taken his hearing.

Adam attended mainstream school and has since been very successful with his GCSE results, is coming to the end of his A levels and has been offered a place to study Geology at Royal Holloway University subject to obtaining the required grades. Adam's cochlear implants have given him an amazing opportunity to succeed and to live a normal and fulfilling life.” Read more on Adam’s story.Has your child’s hearing been affected following meningitis?
Damage, learning disabilities, hearing loss,despite powerful antibiotics that can kill meningitis.
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