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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Noot Gold Knot Bracelet is a signature piece and a perfectly sweet addition to any jewelry collection. Charles Garnier forms arcs of Midas-kissed metal into a pair of sleek earrings with a sculptural presence!
Charles Garnier creates a pair of drop earrings with a cascade of perfect pebbles for an organic flair!

Shining teardrop-shaped beads descend from carefully crafted links in this delicate pendant fashioned entirely from 10K gold. Carefully handcut, smoothed and tied, each bracelet is unique and handmade in the designer's Parisian atelier.
Textured half-circles are secured with omega backs and crafted in sterling silver with an overlay of 18K gold. Three sculpted graduating pebbles are linked from a drop setting in sterling silver with an overlay of 18K gold.

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