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They come in real handy too if you have multiple lobe piercings - layer on the different shapes and styles for an eye-catching string of studs. I've rounded up some mismatched earring combos below that I think are chic and fun and just waiting for you to put your own spin to them!
I also wanted to point out that if you're looking for mix and match whimsical symbol earrings (think evil eye, starburst, arrow, palm), luxury costume jewelry designer LuluFrost has a fine jewelry collection called Code, and there are a bunch of great mix-and-match whimsical stud designs to choose from. If you're looking for more affordable: while not sold as separates or in a mismatched pair, Baublebar has some dainty stud options that can work perfect for this style.

Antique European Ruby Diamond 18k Gold Snake Ring I have an obsession: vintage snake rings.
I am honestly doing it because I lose a lot of studs so often end up with one of each kind!
I'm Kelly, and A Sparkle Affair is my personal blog to share with you my love for jewelry of all kinds. Featuring moon and star, star, sun and moon studs, this earring set has out-of-this-world style.

I have a piercing at right about the point where the lobe turns into cartilage (so almost where a triple piercing would go if you had your ears double pierced), and if you turn the bar sideways it looks like a mini ear climber!

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