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Cel Damage is guaranteed to give you the butt-beating of a lifetime, if by butt you mean bumper, and if by beat you mean blast with a nuclear warhead.
It’s shaping up to be a great summer for Power Pop and Jimmy Eat World adds to the landscape with their latest release, Damage. This record is full of energetic songs with great hooks that make you want to sing along, and after repeated listening you can’t help but to start crooning out the tunes with Jimmy.

The possibility of making it big and going on tour or being recognized by fans attracts many people to the music business.
But it's not all just screeching tires -- it's about goofy characters, cartoon worlds, and some tripped out music. This album however, will not be the album you’re blasting out of your car window when cruising down to the shore, Damage will be the album you run to when your summer love breaks your heart.

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