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I have a really strange shaped helix on my right ear but I'd like a scaffold piercing there.
Yeah I think it would look fine but I think it would look better on your left ear, because the scaffold might take your rooks thunder if you get what I mean. The Brown Recluse spider is known as the most deadly spider in North America, and due to global warming its population is spreading to a town near you. But nothing can demonstrate the danger of the notorious Loxosceles reclusa than the story of Texas Christian University student Nikki Perez, who was bitten by one such spider in September 2011 - with horrendous results. Ms Perez was waiting at Amarillo airport with her boyfriend Eric and his mother on September 20 and suddenly, while inside, Perez felt something stinging the back of her neck. But when Eric?s mother, a nurse, inspected Ms Perez?s neck, she knew something was seriously wrong. The student bravely picked up the spider, wrapped it up in tissues and put it in her handbag to show doctors.
On the drive towards the local clinic, Ms Perez?s neck had started to burn, an early warning sign of the terrible symptoms to follow.

At first, a Brown Recluse spider bite makes the area swell up before the affected area expands, changes to red, and the skin appears to harden. Agonisingly, the doctor told Perez and her family there was nothing he could do, other than wait patiently to see if necrosis set in, which could take up to two weeks later.
At one stage her eye closed as the entire right side of her head swelled up to nearly twice it?s normal size. She had to wear a helmet after she was discharged, and a protective headband for three weeks after that. Ms Perez was hospitalized for four nights and five days, hooked up to IV drips putting vital steroids into her body. She had to wear a helmet after she was discharged, and a protective headband for three weeks after that.
Experts fear that spider bites like these could be on the rise, as the Brown Recluse spider continues its population spread. Kansas University researcher Erin Saupe predicts a possible migration of the Brown Recluse by 2020, predicting that the spiders could move further north toward portions of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and even New York.

Just the fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. See how invention happens?The prototype that Letlow originally made to search his own ear, two mechanic's mirrors fastened together with a piece of plastic, sat around for awhile. Would it look alright or do you think I should get it done on my left "normal" ear?
I was lucky that there was a spider bite expert on duty, and he took one look at the spider and said, ?That?s an immature female Brown Recluse spider?,? recalls Perez.
Later, Perez needed a skin graft to repair the part of her ear that had rotted away with necrosis.

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