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Okay, I won’t name names, but the guilty comprise many restaurants in Los Angeles and other cities.
I came across the post, How to Choose A Restaurant When You have Heraing Loss, from leading hearing health advocate Shari Eberts, on her blog, Living With Hearing Loss.
While I complain about poorly designed acoustic environments, I can only imagine the overwhelming negative impact on restaurant customers with any degree of hearing loss. Recent interests in tuning up the restaurant experience to address the adverse effects of sound, vibration and reverberation is admirable.
To create a comprehensive design, don’t just select stylish furniture, nice art and an agreeable palette of paint colors.
I like “transparent ceilings.” Besides delivering the impression of a taller space, this approach produces one of the best acoustic solutions.

Keep the high ceilings, but bring the intimate scale and noise level down with funky chandeliers.
Include acoustic ideas as part of every design discussion, not as an afterthought or something trivial.
In her post, she describes the challenges that those with hearing loss can have when dining out and provides suggestions for how to best navigate a restaurant environment.
Though it is questionable to view the topic as a “new design trend.” Would we call safety a new design trend in automotive design? The notes below are only a start, but should guide everyone from chefs to managers to designers in achieving quality aural architecture. Balance a concrete floor with walnut planks and brass mesh. Sleek surfaces are easy to keep clean, but juxtapose that polished stone countertop with a leather elbow rest.

This can be done ambitiously with walls or easily with the placement of a wine display case or host stand. Why is the noise level actually painful—my ears ringing from the haranguing clamor, and my throat sore from yelling mere table conversation?
Listen, it is as if a lazy chef separated your taste buds from yours eyes, suggesting that your entree doesn’t have to taste good, as long as it is looks good. You don’t have to install an acoustic tile ceiling, which makes your restaurant look like a corporate office.

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