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By the way, if you're wondering why these pictures appear sideways, it is because I was actually laying down on the table.
I had heard a lot of people hear a loud "pop" in their ear when they get their tragus pierced - there was no pop here. Renee and I are both enjoying our piercings and I have found a new piercer I can bring all my business to with complete confidence. If you're not in Indy and you're also having trouble finding a new piercer, word of mouth is truly a powerful tool.
He took great care to make sure everything was just perfect and then told me to take a deep breath. The only irritating part was the blood that dripped down into my ear - I felt like I had swimmer's ear for the next day or so.

If they have had a really good experience, more than likely they will be just as thrilled to share that information as I am. Now, it seemed like the needle was going though an awful lot of skin - seemed to take forever, but it wasn't painful. Not that many people actually pass out, but those that have fainted because they were so nervous they got themselves all worked up and over-anxious.
When I go back to get my other tragus pierced (I can't resist) I'm going to ask Billy to put cotton in my ear!
We talked about alternative forms of aftercare since I told him that this piercing was going to be an experiment with a new product.
Most of us have to admit that the pain level of a piercing is much less than we had anticipated.

Billy assured me that if anything went wrong with the aftercare that he would be there to help me out.
Now, that part was a little more painful than the piercing itself, but still not unbearable.

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