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Bold multistrand necklaces, bejeweled bibs, and even classic pearls sync up exquisitely with this dress shape -- think of it as the ultimate blank canvas. This universally flattering cut draws attention toward your face and neck -- especially when it's teamed up with the right accessories.
If you have a big elaborate dress, classic wedding dress accessories such as a mid length veil would go very well. If you have a simple elegant wedding dress, you can afford to go a bit dramatic with your veil. Your choice of elegant wedding dress accessories is largely determined by your wedding hairstyle and neckline of your dress. Do not try to make a statement with current fashion, such as wearing an huge locket or bird pendant, much to your regret years later. A choker clashes, but a strand of pearls that rests loosely near your collarbone is classically elegant. You can also wear diamond necklaces in a round shape or as a pendant necklace, as long as it sits just below your collar bone, discretely of course.

For scoop necks and boat necked ensembles, you have a choice of string of pearls or beads or links of the lengths of your choice. For v-necks dresses, if your V is too low revealing some bosom, go for a pendant necklace with a shorter chain. A hot summer wedding on the Mediterranean calls for a strapless neckline and a long, easy-fit skirt, don’t you think?
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Then follow the "less is more" mantra for earrings: Studs or small drops hit all the right notes. Most of the times, the V-shape is very flatter to most figures, and my recommendation is to go without any wedding accessories around the neck.
Although Grecian inspired dresses are usually light colors, adding a splash of color with your bridesmaid dresses is definitely a great idea. It is a great finishing touch and will make you look as if you just visited the island of Santorini.

The chunky clunky necklaces only work if the event is casual, or if you are generally a fairly large woman. Somehow I choose now to reflect who I am and my current place in society more accurately with the things I put on my back.
Grecian inspired wedding dresses tend to be close to the body and straight although some dresses do have ruching in the midsection. I envision a light but ornate shoe with some bling and doing this will shake up a look that is sometimes viewed as simple.

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