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The working thread is loaded onto a shuttle or bobbin which is used to create the knots on a circle of thread held on the left hand.
Yarnplayer also known as Marilee Pockley created these gorgeous lacy rings shown above and on the left. This intriguingly named design by Sally Kerson (Tat's Heaven) is called the tatted tooth brush earrings!
For those of you who love the delicate look, check out Be-stitched's necklace and earring set tutorial.She added seed beads as well for this design.

For The Love of BeadsNovember 30, 2009 at 9:27 AMNice finds, tatting creates some really gorgeous, delicate jewelry. The English word for the craft likely comes from the word "tatters" which refers to the fraility of fabric.
She has kindly written the free tutorial for her Remembrance ring which you can download from her blog post here. I really loved the way she moved the shuttle over and under the thread held in her left hand to create the loops and knots.

The Italians called it "occhi" and further east, it was known as "makouk" after the shuttle.

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