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According to MIT News researchers at Lincoln Laboratory’s Chemical, Biological and Nanoscale Technologies Group have  invented a new drug that can identify cells infected by any type of virus and then kill them, thereby terminating the infection.
Because many experts theorize that the next great zombie plague will be caused by a virus, this new drug treatment could prevent global catastrophe when the dead rise.  More research is needed, but initial results are promising to say the least.
Thank you for your faith in my discovery – Please send me your email address, so we can discuss the matter. I still don’t think that there will ever be a zombie apocalypse because of the research of the days. Well the zombies will com some time and if someone has that stuff i will by a box of it for 3,000$.
Let’s just get the obvious stuff out of the way and say the dead cannot rise again just by a virus. You can shoot a zombie in the lungs, heart, liver, wherever, but it will still walk and moan and try to eat you. The reason this is bad is because even if you’re able to kill off that virus, are you going to be able to save the brain after such deprivation of oxygen?
And if the zombie crisis is literally a period of walking dead, where corpses are somehow functioning just enough to lumber around, moan, groan, and hunger for raw meat, then the only cure is destroying the brain. I am taking an advanced biology class, and have read numerous articles on the hybridization of viruses and bacteria for their numerous medical capabilities… I have no boubt that it is possible to create something along the lines of the rage virus from 28 days. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
New cure for hepatitis C which could help over 2.7 million people in the United States has been developed by a research team at the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray.
The findings and the medical protocol have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The medical trial, which included researchers at 50 sites across the United States and Puerto Rico, has promising results.
Researchers argue that even if it needs a longer follow-up, the treatment will possibly dramatically decrease the number of patients who need a liver transplant as a result of hepatitis C. Another effective treatment has been developed in Canada, as two different drugs marketed under the names Sovaldi and Harvoni, which are both direct acting anti-virals.
One person cured with the help of the new drugs is Lyn Moehling, who found out that she’s  been living with hepatitis C for over 40 years only when she went to donate blood.
Then, Moehling was put under treatment with Sovaldi, taking one pill per day for 12 weeks, without any side effects. However, the treatment would not be accessible to everyone if the retail price for Sovaldi stays between $60,000 and $90,000 for eight to 24 weeks of treatment.
The Canadian government pays for the medication but only for people whose liver damage reached at least Stage 2.
And I would buy materials to built a bomb-shelter (nuke-proof) and a 95 year-supply of food. This would need to be a virus that causes all organs to become dormant, and the brain completely self-sufficient. That means the virus-infected brain, which would have been mutated by now, is obviously not reliant on the organs. Even then, you gotta remember that the brain has already mutated to host this virus, and thus make you what you are. As long as you get the cure BEFORE reanimation, then the cure can work against the virus and hopefully kill it off saving the life of the now uninfected.
Michael Charlton, together with his research team, claim to have found an oral treatment which is able to cure most of the patients infected with hepatitis C virus.

The protocol has improved the liver function in the majority of the patients who were following it.
Unlike previous treatments which had awful side-effects, the two drugs show little or no side effects at all. On a scale from 1 to 20, where 20 is total liver failure, her scan was around 16 so she was preparing for the worst. This makes it hard for many patients who know that there is a cure for the disease which is threatening their life but they do not have access to it because it is too expensive and the state doesn’t consider them sick enough.
However if the infection was given to a fully infected, it would either kill the zombie dead, end.
I’m not sure if brain cells can regenerate or not, but I cannot imagine this to be good. Not only that, but this virus would literally need to take over these cells and replicate itself from them, so that just adds to the problem. The point is that this must be used BEFORE reanimation to give it a chance to save the user, otherwise all that will happen is the infected will die. Without our heart pumping, it’s impossible to move oxygen to the brain (which demonstrates the brain is not in need of oxygen when mutated by this Z-virus). 10 minutes and most of your cells has died and is very unlikely for you to recover, 15 and it’s virtually impossible, consider yourself in a vegetative state.

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