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Nokia E7 will be one of the first Nokia smartphones to run on the new Symbian^3 operating system.
Tinnitus is a buzzing, roaring, ringing, whistling, hissing or pulsating sound heard in the ear. Tinnitus can be developed due to age as the nerve associated with hearing may get impaired with age. Take the extract from any of these herbs and drop 20 to 40 milligram of these extract in to the affected ear. If the loud surroundings cause tinnitus problems in you then it will be ideal to keep ear plugs in your ear.
Giuseppe Ielasi is an Italian guitar player with a long-ranging history in improvised music. In more recent news, make sure not to miss Taprikk Sweezee's remix of 'CPR' (whose artwork can be seen above). Today is RECORD STORE DAY and for the occasione we produced a new version of Shlohmo's 'Shlo-fi' debut from 2009. Iglooghost scouted the family archive for video material of back in the days when the kid was a kid even more. Besides the 'big' releases we were delighted to present a free-for-download EP by B-Ju ('Cheap Shots'). Upload your remix to stream on your Soundcloud and use the tag #pvtrmx to share it on facebook and twitter.
Remixes will be published as a digital EP accompanied by two new 96wrld originals and distributed worldwide by Alpha Pup.
Two weeks ago we revealed the new identity of Silviu Badea, the young producer behind the Montgomery Clunk project. While 'Mondegreen' sounded futuristic at times, 'Black Ecstasy' has that primordial, messed-up feel to it. Random Knocks is a selection of Benny’s finest beats and tracks, the unauthorized legacy of a ghost producer, carefully refurbished and cut to fit. We recently crossed the sonic wall of 6k followers on Soundcloud and we're delighted to celebrate with an exclusive and brand-new remix by no one else than bassmusic prophet Boxcutter (Planet-Mu) who takes 'Kiss Your TV' to a new level. We first came upon Zack Christ when Soosh introduced the name as a potential remixer for his Colour is Breathe Remixes project late in 2012. Our man B-Ju celebrates 2k Likes on Facebook and gives away his brandnew & exclusive 'Cheap Shots' EP. Earlier this year SINCE crew organized an Error Broadcast showcase in Rome and we had the chance to present our new signing.
12" vinyl is now available at Boomkat, HHV, Juno, Rush Hour, Jet Set and on our webstore. After the official release of Colour is Breathe, Soosh has been busy promoting his debut album. Double LP vinyl is now available on sale at Boomkat, HHV, Juno, Rush Hour, Jet Set and on our webstore for just 16€ including worldwide shipping and digital download. Soosh is the recording name of Soroosh Khavari, an electronic music producer born in Iran and raised in Scotland. Sooshs' trademark low-swung hip hop beats and organic instrumentation is countered and enhanced by moments of dreamy and endearing delicacy. Once again we teamed up with Moscow's RAD collective to present the official Body Varial release party this Friday October 26 at RODNYA club. For his new EP Body Varial, Moscow ambassador OL is embracing both Footwork tempi, the production aesthetics of Trap, and the fathomless echo chambers of Dub.
The warmth of former production has been replaced by cross-synced synth patches and adventurous harmonic compositions. Lundy blends ambient and obscure pop music with leftfield hip hop beats and spacious synth textures; a mixture you can find with his tape 'Stumblebum Motivation' as well. Our new release comes from African producer H-SIK who delivers a refreshing take on footwork with his debut EP Cocody. Each track seems to be exploring something different, and the producer’s distance from the epicenters of each scene no doubt allows him to take liberties with the sound others might see as being out of order. With a couple of great releases ahead, we decided to clear the warehouse and offer some budget deals in the big Error Broadcast Summer Sale. We are excited to welcome a new member to the Error Broadcast collective – please meet H-SIK.
Yes, the music I listen to and the performances I attend in Holland these days definitely have an impact on me, and it shows in the music I am producing. I asked myself this question a lot recently… As mentioned above, my beats are influenced by the experiences I have, and I channel this into my music. While forward-thinking beat makers typically aim for unheard and 'next level' instrumentals the use of Rap and R&B vocals never went out of fashion. We publish this tiny collection of bootlegs by six EB-affiliated producers as a free give-away to celebrate 3.000 'Likes' on our facebook.
To make the wait a bit easier even more we put Monty's critically acclaimed 2010 EP Superbus online for free download from our bandcamp. We sat down with both Silviu and Paul to discover what's behind these fascinating characters and their connection with the music. Paul: Ey I'm Paul 20 years old, I live in Bucharest, Romania and I am currently studying graphic design at the National Arts Academy. I consider myself one of those really lucky people that can go through life doing exactly what they love for a living. P: It is not complicated, we're sharing a vision and then we look in the mirror and spit it out in our own way. I also heard that people can draw things related to real life experiences they happen to go through, probably the subconcious, so maybe that arrow means something to me but I’m not sure. Is there a connection between both the cover for 'Superbus' and 'Mondegreen', something like a story or a concept? P: The only connection is that they both picture the same fictitious universe, set in the neighborhood we both live in, Dristor.

Utah Hearing & Balance works directly with our sister company, The House of Hearing, to offer a complete range of hearing tests, balance tests, diagnostic tools and audiology services to help treat balance and dizziness problems and hearing loss.
From basic hearing tests for adults to pediatric hearing tests for children to more complex tests that focus on your internal nervous system, House of Hearing audiologists can assess your needs and prescribe treatment plans that can help you prevent further hearing loss and improve your current hearing. House of Hearing audiologists offer invisible hearing aids that fit directly inside the ear canal to traditional hearing aids that sit behind your ears. An assistive listening device can help you hear more clearly in normal situations and can be used with or without a hearing aid or cochlear implants. With rates of tinnitus on the rise, finding effective treatment options to manage the condition is essential. There is no known cure for tinnitus, but there are tinnitus treatment options available that can help a great deal.
It can also be due to the ear wax, ear tumor, thyroid problem, hardening of the inner ear bone, problems in blood circulation, head injury, high or low blood pressure, certain medications like diuretic, aspirin etc. Also avoid salt, sugar, processed foods, tea, coffee, refined alcohol, sweet foods as all these food items may lead to tinnitus. Continue this for about 6 weeks and this may help you to dilate the blood vessels in the ear and there by increases the flow of blood to the ear.
Spray this liquid to your nose with the help of a nasal spray bottle and continue the spraying till the liquid drains to the back of the throat.
The elusive producer debuted in 2014 with the full- ength Black Ecstasy, soon followed by a 5-track EP, Anti. Tillis refines his formula and delivers six tracks that oscillate from longing melancholia and claustrophobic unrest. Don't miss the remix video Ruffmercy threw together rather brilliantly and which premiered on THE405 earlier this week.
The search resulted in the music video for 'Yellowfours' which Iglooghost iced with his trademark animations. With Soosh's beautiful 'Colour is Breathe' we had our first real album release, including quite a bit of music industry buzz. Furthermore, a long-overdue project finally saw the light of day: we selected and arranged a couple of joints we had left from NYC producer Benny B. We asked them their top-5 releases, and included the favourites of UK producer Iglooghost who's set to publish his 'Treetunnels' tape with us in January and H-SIK, who will surely return to Error Broadcast in 2014.[break] Enjoy the read, and see you next year! Primordial music for the jilted generation, Black Ecstasy leans towards a variation of techno that directly stems from post punk and its electronic successors. Typically this is true for vocal music, and this is probably why Error Broadcast never organized a remix contest. Furthermore, winners will be shipped with Error Broadcast vinyl packages including five records of individual choice. Would you describe your latest productions as a complete break-up with what you have done before?
Marius Costache (the guy that did that filmed interview that was on your site) invited me to record some of the stuff through a stack of amps.
Shortly after, Zack stared in a collaborative EP with prolific Muscovite Pixelord and had a single release on Infinite Machine.
His name is 96wrld, and is one of the most exciting producers of the up-and-coming Lithuanian electronic scene (Satta Outside anyone?). Soosh debut album 'Colour is breathe' is out now, a collection of 11 tracks of textural ambience and humanised beats, a sea of woozy analogue synths, drum machines and textural field recordings. After EP appearances on numerous labels, the artists' debut long player 'Colour is Breathe' explores the folds that fuse textural ambience and humanised beats, whilst adding a euphoric pop-twist. Thus we are flattered heavyweight CBC Music voted his fix on Monolithiums' 'Bounce 4 Life' in their Top-5 Hemsworth remixes. Back then, his mixture of 808 drummings, complex track arrangement and flawless pop was an important step for Error Bradcast to advance from the beat music continuum and found its logical extrapolation with releases by B-Ju, H-SIK, and OL most recently.
We can't wait for this to drop on December 10, but in the meantime you can download the big bad tune and discover full tracklist and teaser on XLR8R. Central figures of the beat scene publish on well-respected, international record labels, and the Fly Russia movement has been written-up in the most important music blogs and magazines. Body Varial combines sex with musical sophistication, offers common ground for bass nerds and dance folk.
Starting with an unreleased ages remix of Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Lundy drops the exclusive ages vs. We get to hear another two exclusives (ahnnu and ages) before Broken Social Scenes' 'Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl' perfectly sets stages for the unreleased 'Edie Drone' y matthewdavid. We worked with French designer 96 a few times in the past and are happy to be back cooperating.
We sat down with the Amsterdam-based producer for a brief interview which you can read below. Benelux countries like Belgium or the Netherlands saw a stunning range of fresh producers recently.
Viral Radio, for example, is currently bringing a new air of openness and accessibility to the Dutch music scene. Irrespective of the latest spasms in 'Bass Music' it serves as a reminder from where we draw our main motivation and elegantly reflects the label motto: Basically it's Hip Hop.
We enabled pre-order and full stream from our shops and arranged an option for you to reserve a copy of the limited 12" disc (pictured above) at Europe's finest Hip Hop mailorder HHV. The time has come and today we unveil the artwork of the Mondegreen EP which has been once again drawn by Paul Paun, the young artist behind the twisted cover of Monty's previous work, Superbus. I like the slack and the lack of responsabilities that come with an artist's life yet this is changing now since I'm going into graphic design and the sort. Irrespective of Paul comic-inspired style the composition is very Baroque and seems to imply a deeper connection between these Gs. We are sharing basic concepts, basic sounds, basic structures of sound and graphics- and then we just do it.
Characters is what I like to draw the most and this one is pretty much inspired by the vibe of the songs Silviu sends me.

Thanks to my former mentors I owe them a lot for passing me valuable lessons and theories in regard to lighting, poses, color, composition, anatomy etc.
In many cases, an assistive listening device used at the same time as a hearing aid is the optimal situation that results in better hearing and clear communication. We have audiology offices in Salt Lake City, Draper, West Jordan, East Millcreek, Park City and Tooele, Utah.
Exercise regularly and this will help you to improve the blood circulation and also to keep your blood pressure under control. After a hiatus of three years Inventing Masks is a new moniker the producer uses to publish his self-titled debut LP. The concept of improvised and processed guitar was extended towards a more rhythmic approach, enhancing Ielasi’s research on form and texture with a raw and unhewn twist. The enigmatic producer operates in the aural wastelands somewhere between cloudrap, leftfield R&B, and a loose approach to footwork.
Private Language by Lithuanian rising producer 96wrld is not an immediate candidate for a remix LP. There could be immediately two more albums that are very different from the ones that I have released already. Yeah, you could say I changed gear but basically it is the same stuff, just produced differently, toggled different buttons.
Do you follow wants happening at the borders of experimental metal and  textural electronic music? I couldn't get myself together to do the final touches because it kept bashing me into bad mood.
Furthermore, it showcased remixes by kidkanevil and an upcoming producer by the name of OmUnit. Furthermore, don't forget to check the official music video for 'Uncertain' directed by Simeon Cristallin and as premiered over at The Line of Best Fit. The artists’ younger sister, contributes vocals that brim with longing and love, gracing the record with an allure that makes it somewhat indefinable for either genre or gender. Influential XLR8R published their Top-100 downloads, and we were stunned to find 'Mia Got A New Haircut' by B-Ju ranking #11 (!). Its glossy textures flow elegantly though OL messes with pitch and complex percussion quite a bit. Moreover, H-SIK put together a tape for us that is not only brilliantly mixed but showcases the influences he draws from as a producer as well. By the age of seven I was introduced to the cold European weather when my family moved to a small town near Lyon, France. They help producers, artists, and event organizers with similar passions and interests to meet and listen to each other.
I don't like to put my sounds into a box or label it and this is why I experiment with such a broad range of tempi and styles. I also think my DJ sets are different to my productions, again, showing the range of my musical passions rather than sticking to a certain bpm signature.
I'm creeping up on 3D art and animation, dreaming on doing something massive and impressive, hope my delusions of grandeur help me achieve this. In subjective tinnitus the sound produced by the head or ear can be heard by the patient only while in objective tinnitus the doctor can also hear the sound if carefully observed with the help of a stethoscope.
First you need to identify the reason for tinnitus and then need to treat the disease otherwise it may cause hearing loss.
Then, late in 2012, he re-appeared and out of the vacuum of his temporary exile Badea presented the full-length album you are about to witness as Black Ecstasy. This includes influences from the music I like, from the city, from my family and my dear ones.
He carefully tunes the atmosphere towards washed-out and reverb-laden and sun-dried pop, culminating in the fake-80s synth gloss of Contact Lenses.
After short spells in the South of France, I set up home in Amsterdam and have been here for the last seven years. Viral Radio provides a creative and friendly surrounding where people can greatly benefit from each other. I was also listening to some of my families’ music from the Ivory Coast some weeks ago and it struck me - wow this is so up-tempo and fast, even abstract, this also must be an influence on me!
Currently I love juke music and its maniac energy so maybe dancing shoes will be necessary, who knows – you better be prepared! Pineapples will reduce the inflammation in the ears and thus reduces tinnitus while dry fruits will improve the blood circulation and avoid tinnitus problems related to blood circulation. A release we are proud of in particular because we charted into new territories, musically speaking. Also, we don’t want to make a big fuzz out of it, just release music and only speak when it is time to speak. Dibiase and Elaquent to flip 8bit samples and turn them into hard-knocking hip hop instrumentals.
We are proud to present an exclusive contribution of the Danish producer in our infrequent series of mixtapes. Comes, goes, but I know I can count on this workflow and it can only get better, never worse.
I think I am unable to deliver two releases that feed of each other in any obvious way[break].
Coming back to the diary comparison- you don’t want to share all the pages with anyone.
From a marketing point-of-view this might be a disadvantage, but I guess you know so better than me?

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