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Niobium & Titanium Wire Hoop Earrings at Wear Earrings Again with Maggie's Creations - Non-allergenic Earrings, guaranteed! All hoop earrings have Niobium or Titanium posts so that only pure elements touch your skin. Patterned after the God's Eyes made of two sticks and yarn, these God's Eye earrings are a bit blingier. Lotus Blossom Earrings in two variations, either with long "duster"dangle or a shorter style.
These designs all have "movement" optically in them because of the spacing and patterns on them. Maybe you can't brew in or drink from these Teapot and Cup earrings, but they're fun to wear! Some folks are looking for a smaller earring, and this line we call our Mini Earrings fill the bill whether for young or for old. Although they won't actually turn as the breeze blows through your hair, these Pinwheel earrings look like they should! Warning: You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer - many features on this site may not work properly.
These oversized simple hoop earrings have a gorgeous bright color and are sure to be fun to wear.

The colors in anodizing niobium are achieved by running an electric current through the metal at specific levels. These are a nice earring which will hold it's shape better, not as flexible as the thinner gauged wire earrings are, yet they are still light weight and comfortable to wear.
These are a nice earring which will hold it's shape better, not as flexible as the thinner gauged wire earrings are, yet still lightweight and comfortable to wear. I have anodized these to be brilliant peacock blue, and created them at a full 2 inches in diameter.
Using this method, I can change the color of the outer layer of the metal - there are no dyes or other metals used in this process - it is still pure niobium all the way through. Your earrings will arrive in a small gift box or pouch, suitable for giving or storing your jewelry. Choose from clip on earring findings, earring hooks, hoops, post findings, earring backs, and a whole lot more.
See "How To" ~ "Open and Close Wire Hoops" in the left navigation bar, there is a trick to manipulating these so they don't bend out of shape. Great looking light weight hoops to add optional change-able dangles to (available on my starter earring page).
If you continue to irritate your nickel allergy, your allergic reaction will become more severe over time.

Nickel allergies can appear at any age and last a lifetime, so everyone can benefit from choosing nickel-free jewelry. Nickel-free and hypoallergenic findings include titanium, niobium, sterling silver, Argentium silver, silver fill, vermeil, gold fill, and 14kt gold. Brass and stainless steel earring parts are also popular choices that include best selling styles. Posts with a loop are perfect for adding dangles the same way you add them to earring hooks. To use, simply slide onto the wire of the finding until it's snug on your ear or display card. Earring backs are sold separately so you can get the exact combination that works best for you.

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