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Survey SaysQuarrels between families are insignificant when love is the number one answer.Your hand lingers a bit after touching that of the lovely Harriet Spencer, member of the clan that has become your family’s obstacle on the road to the Fast Money Round. The Man Who Is Not Richard Dawson And Never Will Be makes a painful joke, then says, “We surveyed 100 people, top 5 answers are on the board, here’s the question. A stunned silence falls over the studio, broken five seconds later by one lone audience member who bursts into applause and screams “Good answer” and the horrid razzing of the strike buzzer. If it’s there, her family will win control of the board and you will lose the respect of your family and the co-workers who will play the YouTube clip of your heart’s folly over and over again in the office lunch room.

Woot may designate a user comment as a Quality Post, but that doesn't mean we agree with or guarantee anything said or linked to in that post. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. Ever since her face was revealed at the beginning of the show, you’ve been distracted by her beauty and charm, so much so that you’ve been accumulating strike after strike with your incorrect answers. Now, you are about to Face Off for control of the round that could decide whether your team will move on to win the money grandma needs for her operation or if she won’t live to see it air on syndicated television.

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