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I use the Bose IE', they are really comfortable in the ear and they can take a fair tug without falling it. This is a technical requirement of sorts though, as the connector is used to draw power from a smartphone in order to supply the on-board adjustable active noise cancellation circuitry. The Reflect Aware C ear-buds come with three different sized tips in both standard and sports varieties.Pricing, availability and additional specs about the JBL Reflect Aware C headphones will be available in the near future.
Yeah people don’t seem to realize you can charge your device and do things through usbc at the same time.

Even though you might be at home while you charge it, some people use portable batteries, and it’s still kind of an inconvenience to have another box stuck to your phone. Apple is being scrutinized for their proprietary lightning connector, its nonstandard which creates more uneccessary e-waste for multiple reasons so a consortium in Europe has been thinking of sanctioning them to use standard connectors. The DAC still processes the outgoing audio, while the headphones will process the incoming noise and filter it. However, wouldn’t it possible for HTC to use the two power phases or two signal phases of the USB to analogicaly power the drivers?

The article mentions ONLY active noise cancellation happening in the headphones, not digital to analog conversion.

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