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Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a very important safety factor that you should utilise when operating power tools and machinery.
Respiratory protection is a personal safeguard against harmful airborne particles not immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH).
The most common devices used for respiratory protection are disposable respirators and half-face respirators.
Disposable respirators (also known as dust masks) are paper-like masks that fit around your nose and mouth. P1 protection (usually yellow) will safeguard you against mechanically generated particles found in dusts and mists (i.e. P2 protection (usually blue) will safeguard you against mechanically and thermally generated particles found in dust, mist, and fumes (i.e. Half-face respirators are comprised of a soft plastic moulded face piece that seal around your mouth and nose (with the assistance of an elastic head strap). Dust filters cover most applications and are used in environments where you need protection from mechanically generated dusts and mists produced by most power tools.
All respiratory protection you purchase should be certified to AS (Australian Standard) 1716:2003. Auditory protection relates to hearing and is mandatory and recommended for all instances where power tools or machinery are in use. Earplugs (normally made of a soft polyurethane material) fit in your ear and in most cases will provide you with Class 3 hearing protection. All hearing protection you purchase should be certified to AS (Australian Standard) 1270:2002.
Visual protection should always be used when operating any power tool, as there are many flying particles which are capable of entering and damaging your eye. Safety goggles are not as sleek as safety glasses, but are great for people who wear prescription glasses, as they simply fit right over the top. Types of PPE that provide physical protection (with regards to power tools and machinery) mainly pertains to work gloves and safety boots. Work gloves are made from durable materials such as leather and cotton and come in a variety of sizes to ensure a tight and secure fit. Safety boots are generally characterised by their thick and heavy nature, and the inclusion of a hard plastic or steel toe. It is very important you do not expose your safety helmet to substances such as petrol, paint, adhesives, aerosol sprays or cleaning agents as they can cause severe weaknesses in the helmet. About Tool CobberTool Cobber has been designed to offer you – the consumer – a chance to do your research before you buy. All in all it was a successful weekend, and we look forward to taking Sydney again next year! This entry was posted in DIY and tagged child, fun, kids, kidzapalooza, lollapalooza, music, music festivals, tips, toddlers by shaleah. Noise-Cancelling Headphones actively cancel external sounds so the listener can hear their media without distraction.
Comment below and let us know your experiences with noise cancelling headphones and any alternatives you’ve come up with. In addition, the better noise cancellation headphones use both feed-forward and feedback (Bose pioneered this) .
Use Peltor shooting ear defenders, they’re superb, and the same shells as used for rallying headsets. For an even easier hack, just use your favourite set of earbuds (or earphones) and wear the industrial ear muffs over top. Of course it was completely against every single safety rule but that didn’t stop anyone.
If you listen to music you won’t be able to hear someone screaming at you to move out of the way when something heavy comes your way. I actually started this project with a bluetooth headset but one of the earphones wasnt working.
Also many saws have a braking feature (like chop saws) that works by shorting the motor, which generates even more RF hash. I bought a set for ?25 ($40) (powerfix pkg 82 a1) which had an FM radio built in for a long haul flight. They have a microphone which allows you to hear when someone speaks to you despite the noise from any power tools you may be using.

Unfortunately they do gunk up a bit with earwax, and if you pull them out too quickly, they can separate leaving the foam deep in you ear. In my experience with headphones, passive noise cancelling headphones have always been more effective than active. Also relevant, some BT headsets can be macgyvered by replacing the e2prom, synchronising power-up and a few other tricks. I have made the same modifications to my military grade earprotection (issued by Finnish defense forces).
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Carbon and paper-based filters are used in a variety of different respirators to purify the air and ensure you are only breathing in clean, non-toxic air.
So they form the best possible seal against your face, they have an elastic head strap and a contoured nose bridge. They come in different sizes, and have either one or two filter housings, with the two filter design creating less breathing resistance. Gas vapour filters are more suited for use where organic gases, vapours and solvents are present, like painting and paint removal. They are far cheaper than new filters, and are used in dusty environments to filter out any coarse dust or overspray. Filters for half-face respirators should be disposed of when breakthrough or clogging occurs or after 6 months of use.
It is divided into different classes according to the equipment’s purpose – the higher number the class, the more noise it is capable of excluding. This will protect your ears from noise generated by most lighter duty power tools, including electric drills.
Class 4 is satisfactory for general purpose power tools like electric and cordless drills, angle grinders, routers and circular saws, and Class 5 offers more effective noise protection for tools like demolition breakers, band saws, and concrete cutters. There are three main types of PPE for your eyes; safety glasses, safety goggles, and face shields.
They are sealed via an elastic head strap, generally have high impact resistance, and can also feature characteristics such as anti-fog lenses, anti-scratch lenses, anti-static lenses, and side vents.
A brow-guard is a light duty safety helmet (or hard hat) to protect you against any small knocks and bumps.
Quality work gloves will allow good dexterity, decent breathability, and will be very strong and hardy. Effective safety boots fit snug and securely around your foot and ankle, and should protect them from knocks, bumps, and bruises.
They are only designed for protecting your head against light bumps, knocks and scrapes (as the name suggests), and they should not be used for protection against falling objects or heavy impacts. It is an internal harness system that fits onto your head and cushions the impact of any glancing or direct blows. There are a limited number of online resources available for detailed information on tools, especially in Australia.
Not only did Syd have an awesome time while we were there, but she woke up every morning excited to go back. The feedforward arrangement of noise cancellation (mics on the outside of the earbuds) will get you a few a few dB of attenuation at low frequencies, but the response *must* be appropriately EQ’d. It’s pretty much standard practice to ban music where heavy machinery and people meet for this reason. In the wood shop, Just the NRR 30 ear muffs because it’s important to be able to hear how the wood is cutting and the sound of the motor.
Red ear protectors like that used to be $3 at Harbor Freight, but I can’t find that pair on their website now. I was completely oblivious to anything going on around me, even with the sound turned down.
I’d make a large bet than wearing canalphones under unmodified earmuffs would give you better sounding music and higher isolation for cheaper than the parts used in this hack. 100usd and they are made to work in loud environments and are acoustically better than cutting and gluing. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). They can all be categorised into either respiratory, auditory, visual, or physical protection.

The following types of PPE should always be used when you are potentially exposed to dust, mist and fumes, and should always be a prime consideration when operating power tools. They sometimes have a valve at their centre to allow easier breathing, and are usually colour coded for easy identification of their type. Each filter housing contains a specific size filter that is suited to that particular brand and model of respirator.
Also, it is important that twin filter respirator filters are not fitted to single filter respirators, and if replacing filters in a twin filter respirator, you should always ensure the filters are the same type.
They can either have a tapered or plug fitting to ensure the best possible fit for everyone, and are sometimes banded or corded together so they don’t get misplaced. Manufacturers also produce electronic earmuffs that cancel out loud noise but allow you to hear softer elements such as normal conversation. This rating tells you that in 80% of cases, users will experience the stated degree of noise reduction. You should also look out for characteristics like impact resistance, UV protection, anti-fog lenses, and anti-scratch lenses.
Attached to this is the visor, a wide lense (usually polycarbonate, mesh, or chinaguard) that is resistant to impact, heat and a wide range of chemicals.
Bump caps and safety helmets are also available, but are not a necessity for power tool safety.
Some work gloves will feature UV protection, will pull sweat off your skin, will decrease odour, and may even have shock absorption capabilities.
Some will feature waterproofing, insulated soles, slip resistance, chemical resistance, and anti-static characteristics. Safety helmets will have either a peak or a brim, may be vented for airflow, and may have a sweat band attached to the harness.
I have to admit I was a bit nervous the first day… We have taken her to a couple festivals in the past, FYF in Los Angeles and Pitchfork here in Chicago, but Lolla is a whole different animal. We were so happy to have missed the crazy storm that rolled in on Saturday, causing the festival to be evacuated. There is one downside to these types of noise-cancelling headphones, they are very expensive. Make some headphones that will block out the noise but still allow the comfortable listening of music. The acoustic response through the earcup is not flat and if you don’t account for this you will certainly end up amplifying some frequencies (overcorrecting).
Feedback gains you quite a bit more attenuation, but if you don’t EQ it appropriately and tune the gain you risk getting feedback. The only exception is when planing lots of bf, when I use the foam in-ear plugs, plus the ear muffs. A couple tips to improve the build quality: Use a dremel or something to cut a couple of small slots in the bottom of the plastic shells and hot glue the cords in the slots for stress relief.
Not saying the hack was pointless, maybe the hack-er finds canalphones uncomfortable or just wanted to learn about active noise cancellation.
They are excellent for applications where visibility is paramount but physical face protection is also needed. We only packed the essentials, which allowed us to find a good spot, spread out, dance around, and then quickly pack up and move on.
They had good music with special guest appearances, karaoke, a hip hop workshop, yummy treats, temporary tattoos, hair spray color, and more.
This project is simple but effective; inexpensive headphones taken apart and installed in a pair of Industrial Ear Muffs. Thankfully we didn’t witness a lot of craziness, and missed the big storm that rolled in on Saturday. Hot gluing the drivers and foam pads inside the shells so they stay put is also not a bad idea.
Suckers came in handy when she got bummed out from a bug bite, but a bandaid and a ring pop later and that was a thing of the past!
I don’t know about other music festivals, but Lollapalooza really has a good setup for the kiddos.

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