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Okay, this is odd, but I did some acupuncture for an unrelated issue, specifically infertility.
For me, and this may not be remotely helpful, I found that reducing my anxiety in general was the key.
Get a prescription for Ambien, use GOOD earplugs (they're kind of gel-like), and buy a white noise machine (or just download the iPhone app). Also, this may be too weird, but I also listened to this relaxation tape when I would wake up in the middle of the night. I've even pleaded with my husband to please just whack me on the head with a rubber mallet but he keeps saying no, something about domestic violence or accidental death and BLAH BLAH JUST DO IT, YOU HIPPIE. I would, however, recommend 1) eating a light snack before bed 2) getting up and peeing when you wake up at night (really, sometimes your body wakes you up because you need to a) eat b) pee c) it thinks you need to do something) which leads me to 3) make a list of things you finished that day and things you need to do the next day. A couple people have already mentioned it, but let me put in one more plug for melatonin (If you haven't already tried it.
I went through a similar time, when my toddler was going through a rough terrible-two period.
But my husband was prescribed ambien due to anxiety and he doesn't take it every night, maybe a couple of times a month and he says it helps him. I hate to say it, but the best sleep I ever had was when I was in college and lived with a girl who sold weed. This is happening to me - but I have a 4 month old - she wakes up, eats, goes back to sleep, and ZING I'm up. Sounds like most of my nights -- but I'm old and it has something to do with menopause.
I know that someone else already said this, but when that was happening to me, I finally realized that I was depressed. This is probably going to sound crazy, but I have been going through the same thing for months. I swear I'm not a crazy bible-thumping church lady, but when I have this problem, I pray for people. This happened to me a couple of years ago - first awake once a night, then twice, then pretty much every hour or so.
What you are describing is "monkey mind", and you can shut your stupid brain up so you can get back to sleep if you learn to meditate - which, I have to warn you, is breathtakingly hard for people with monkey mind! PS - I'm short, fat, surly, meat-scarfing and not generally into this namby-pamby white light stretchy yoga crap. I feel compelled after reading these comments to mention that my husband has NEVER sleep-walked (slept-walked?
I cut back on some responsibilities with work, upped my physical exertion during the day and restricted computer time and voila! I had stress-related insomnia problems a while back, and simply couldn't get my brain to shut off when I woke in the night.

If not, the only things I have found to be helpful are a) keeping a pad and pen on the nightstand where I make lists of all the things I have to do the next day both BEFORE I go to bed and when I wake up and b) getting out of the bed when I wake up, getting a glass of milk or water, and walking around for a few minutes and then starting over. Just another data point on SSRI's being very helpful for sleeping for an anxiety prone person - I slept like a baby on paxil and am slightly disappointed still I had to go off when I got pregnant with my second. When my mom was really sick (for 2 years) I'd wake up at exactly the same time every night.
I think we underestimate how much our emotions and just plain dealing with life can affect us physically.
I didn't even tell my acupuncturist about my constant UP AT 4 AM problem which was killing me. No sleep is the worst, especially when you don't even have a fucking newborn or anything. During a week where I was having severe sleep deprivation for no discernible reason, I tried it one night and was knocked out, hard and fast.
Also, at least 30 minutes of hard core, sweating your butt off exercise was recommended to a family member with insomnia and that helped her. If she forgets for a day or two she wakes up at 3.30 am again, and then goes back to taking the vitamins and it works.
I, however, have found nothing that works other than loading up on muscle relaxers prescribed for a back problem.
Like, you're not supposed to take it more than 1-2 times a week because your body will render the normal pill dosage ineffective in, like, two weeks. I took a vicodin for the very first time for a newly acquired monthly migraine that got so bad I couldn't function. I get about 4 hours a night tops and I know that miserable feeling of having nothing left to give, like you said. I worked nights for six months during hurricane season one year and could not readjust to working days. I took it for about a week and my body suddenly remembered why it liked 8 hours of sleep and how to do that.
I have recurring problems with early morning wake-ups (my own, not the bub's anymore THANK GOD) and focusing all of my attention on my breath has been really useful in stopping the flow of thoughts that kept me up. I found that if I drank a glass of orange juice(or a juice box) right when I woke up I could fall back to sleep about 20 mins. Adam has the same problem, though and he's been on Lunesta for a long time -- it helps keep him drowsy enough (and groggy enough) for a solid eight to nine hours. He sleeps well now and is able to drink a cup of coffee a day and still sleep through the night. You have to concentrate just hard enough (and it is just borning enough) that your brain just turns right off. I did it while I was pregnant, and once before that with my therapist, who was kind of hippy to that kind of shit, and I'm not a total crackpot about that either, but it was pretty awesome and gave me some great tools to help me relax and fall asleep.

Whenever my 15 month old has hit a weird sleep rut they blame it on developmental milestones. Breath meditations are basically just paying very close attention to the feeling of breathing in, and the feeling of breathing out.
Like magic, the gerbils that were waking me up at 3am and spinning in my brain all night STOPPED.
But I chart, so I can see what my cycle (sorry!TMI) is doing and pinpoint that as the culprit. The long hours where you look at the clock every 17 minutes and think, "If I go to sleep RIGHTNOW I will still get six hours of sleep.
I tried OTC sleep meds and I'd hit the bed hard and then wake up around 3am - which meant I could take another one and be out until mid afternoon or I could suffer.
But a girlfriend I worked with totally took pity on zombie me and pratically herded me to the doctor's office to ask for some meds. To be honest, I didn't do anything about it and it ended up just kinda going away as my son became easier to be around during the day.
I feel like I never get into deep sleep because I always have thoughts in my mind about things that have happened, things that are going to happen, etc. You can wake up, binge on chocolate, force sex on your partner (ahem), fall back asleep, and wake up thinking you slept soundly for nine hours. I'm not good at clearing my head the way they say to but one thing that worked for me was something a friend told me.
It worked to get me to sleep - again, not a problem to begin with - but I couldn't sleep all night. I think the idea is to see how long you can do it and with practice it will be longer each time.
And if the dog or my baby niece and nephew get up and night and need attention, waking up for that is no problem whatsoever. Zero caffeine after 2 pm, then 12 pm, then down to ONE MEASLY CUP first thing in the morning which I am sorry, if you take that away from me I will very literally die and then come back to life and kill you too.This has been going on for six months now. Six months of maybe three or four good hours of sleep a night, and I've always been a girl who needs eight.
My kids sleep through the night perfectly and I seem to have completely forgotten how to do it myself. Halp?

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