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Before we can start understanding music theory – we need to be clear on what sound is. Because music is made up of combinations of sound – so to be able to get to grips with music, we need to get familiar with what sound is and how it comes about. Also, sound can be measured in different ways – scientifically and musically, and although the two are related, they are very different. Some of this might be familiar to you, but I’d urge you not to skip this section as there may be one or two things that surprise you.
Who would imagine a sentence like that describes a Coltrane sax solo, your favourite bass riff or that drum beat that just destroys you – that feeling that you only get from music? Much like colour and temperature (apologies to American readers but I use UK English spelling, despite the best efforts of my computer), as soon as you delve down into the inner workings of sound, everything turns to scientific measurements and suddenly it can seem like the magic is gone.
We don’t want that to happen of course, but it is necessary to take a fleeting look at this stuff, just so we have the basic knowledge in place to properly get to grips with the more interesting and useful stuff that is coming later on, ok?
But on the particular journey we are taking here, we need to know more about the science to broaden our knowledge of how music works. You might remember those diagrams from school of a sound wave as a wobbly line traveling into some dudes ear and going inside to all the weird squiggly ear gear inside his head.

Well, that is pretty much it how sound arrives to us – but we need to get more specific to get the full picture. The oscillations of pressure referred to here are the ripples of higher and lower air pressure caused by an object vibrating.
The energy from that vibration is transferred to the air in the form of a wave of pressure variation. It keeps moving until all its energy is transferred. I suppose we tend to imagine sound waves as squiggly lines traveling through the air, probably because of those diagrams from school. Actually sound waves are waves of greater and lesser air pressure – something rather harder to visualise. Whilst it is a strange concept to imagine, it is similar to how energy moves through water as waves.
It’s an important distinction to remember – the air is the medium that the energy travels through. The energy that is put into the object (for example by plucking a string) is the source of the sound – but it is the movement of the air that makes it audible to us. The combination of the energy source and the medium it travels through creates the sound that you hear.

Would knowing that oxymetazoline spray is the generic form of the off the shelf Dristan nasal spray? Ins Kabel ist hier eine neue Kabelfernbedienung integriert, ebenso ein Mikrofon, um die Teufel Move als Headset mit Smartphones nutzen zu können. When watching the ocean you can see how, as the energy passes through the it, the water itself only moves up and down, whilst the peak of the wave travels across the surface of the water. The main things to get here are that energy uses the air to travel in the form of waves of pressure that our ears decode as sound – and that the speed of the vibration determines what pitch we perceive the sound as. Mit Stolz verweist das Berliner Unternehmen darauf, dass schon bisher die Teufel Move für ihren Sound gelobt wurden, und sich hoher Beliebtheit bei den Kunden erfreuten. Auch eine ergonomische Formgebung soll dazu beitragen, und dennoch einen perfekten Halt selbst beim Sport sicherstellen.
Nunmehr steht das neue Modell zur Verfügung, das diesen Nachteil aus der Welt schafft.

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