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Teens and young adults love listening to music at a loud volume but little do they know they’re doing severe damage to their hearing. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, “Audiology experts agree that hearing loss is increasing in the United States. Audiologists have researched that abusing the use of iPods and stereo systems particularly in young people can lead to serious loss of hearing. Research has shown that a third of the population by the age of 65 will deal with some sort of hearing problems. When students at Cabrini College were asked where and how loudly they listen to their iPod, most of them said when they are working out at the gym and loud enough that it drowns out noises that they do not want to hear. The problem of hearing loss in teens leads back to the earphones and the type of earphones.
Even after teens are continuously listening over time, it will still cause severe problems.
While blasting your music over time, you will have to listen to things around you at a louder volume than normal.
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Despite being their most important piece of equipment, musicians have a tendency to neglect their ears and take for granted their ability to hear.
No matter how loud the music is turned up when you listen to it, the basic rule is that the longer you listen, the more you stress the muscles in the inner ear.

According to widely cited figures from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, the number of Americans ages 3 and older with some form of auditory disorder has more than doubled since 1971, from 13.2 million to about 30 million today. These cells are responsible for converting sound waves into electrical impulses, which are then sent to the brain.
Even though most hearing problems are blamed on iPods, there are other environmental noises that can contribute to this problem.
Fligor, director of diagnostic audiology at the Children’s Hospital in Boston, depending on the type of earphones, listeners could get a sound dose as high as 120 decibels.
The decibels are different from that of a soft piano,” Heather Fullerton, Cabrini College communication center coordinator, said.
I do not think that it is affecting my hearing right now but I think later on in life it will affect it,” Monica Souders, senior biology major, said. Earphones are being placed closer and closer in the ear and are directly being pumped right into the ear canal. Audiologists have recommended to children to use the older style headphones that rest right over the ear opening. Your ears will become accustom to hearing noises around you louder than they did before, resulting in loss of hearing. You get used to listening to it loudly that you need to have other things around you at a higher volume,” Lauren Chieffo, senior marketing and international business major, said.
Together, we strive to produce relevant, compelling and informative content for our audience. The use of modern In-Ear Monitors and Musician ear plugs is now becoming standard practice both for prevention of any hearing loss and for listening comfort. We use silicone in preference to the acrylic and vinyl materials still used today by most other monitor manufacturers.
Fatigue to the ear may result in a temporary threshold shift, limiting the amount of quiet sounds that you can hear.

It can result from the booming drums or the blaring guitar amplifiers of a hard-rock group. For amplified rock bands it can be as high as 130 dB, higher than what is accepted in industrial environments, and higher than the hearing pain threshold of 120 dB. Loss of hearing has increased drastically within the years due to the pounding music coming from ear buds that are placed directly in your ear canal. Once 25 to 30 percent of these cells disappear, you begin to experience hearing loss,” Lansbury-Martin, ASHA’s director of research and science, said. This will lead to hearing aids at a much younger age than they have ever been relied on before. The more you subject your ears to fatigue, the more likely it is that you will be permanently hearing-impaired. Based in Dublin, our personnel can visit your recording studio or theatre location to take impressions and advise on our products. For a musician whose livelihood depends on rehearsing and playing music 4-8 hours a day, the danger of a hearing impairment can be present. In many cases, this causes problems for musicians and singers who must be able to hear and play high notes equally as well as low one in order to play or sing along with fellow members. Often a musician who suffers from a loss of high frequency hearing will try to compensate by playing high-pitched notes louder, which leads to an artistically compromised performance.

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