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Become a part of our online scrapbook by sharing your own story about how hearing loss has affected you.
It was so hard to even talk about it at first, but now I feel that we know so much more and have amazing resources as well. Our daughter Elana was 6 months old when she was diagnosed with a severe-profound hearing loss.
My son after having a traumatic birth failed a newborn screening test, but the NICU doctors thought it was just because of the loud noises in the room. After spending my adult years working with children with special needs, I found myself with two significant breakthroughs under my belt. Inspire others who are touched by hearing loss so that we can help raise awareness about the prevalence of hearing loss and what we're doing to help make it a thing of the past.
Af first we were so scared but now we know that Jace is perfect, happy and healthy, he just needs a little bit of help. In 2003, a 17 year old non-verbal autistic teenage boy learned through a new technique, aromatherapy, to say "Mama", "Mary" and "No".
I could not sleep, had hyperacusis (a sensitivity to noise) so severely that I could not drive, go to the mall and felt very claustrophobic.

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How to remedy ear ringing
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