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It used to be that, unless you had serious money to spend, you were stuck listening to tinny old earbuds. GOgroove AudioLUX OE Stereo Headphones with Noise Isolating Over-Ear Design, Enhanced Bass & Handsfree Microphone. The AudioLUX OE headphones have a two-tone design with a mixture of matte and high-gloss surfaces so you always look sleek and stylish while wearing. Premium 40mm drivers deliver rich sound quality and balanced audio that is great for all types of music and audio experiences.
The plush padded headband and ear pads offer a comfortable fit that you can wear for hours and do wonders in drowning out and isolating outside sound. The high-performance, premium drivers inside each pair of GOgroove AudioLUX OE headphones produce a rich, balanced sound that is perfect for any style of music, gaming experience, or movie watching.

Located on the headset's reinforced, braided audio cable is a lightweight in-line microphone that allows for handsfree calling and playback control.
The AudioLUX OE headphones are universally compatible with any and all devices that house a 3.5mm AUX port. Beyond any applicable Neweggflash return policy, this item is warranted independently by the product's Manufacturer or a Third party.
The noise isolating over-ear design helps to block out distracting background noise so you can enjoy your tunes, games, and movies knowing you will not be interrupted by screaming children, clanging dishes, or loud neighbors. The OE headphones not only look great, but are so comfortable you may even forget you are wearing them.
If you get a call while enjoying your jams, just tap the button on the microphone to answer.

Plug into your laptop computer, desktop, handheld gaming console, smartphone, tablet, MP3 player and more!
The ultra plush headband and ear pads are lightweight, fully adjustable and rest ever so gently on your head for maximum comfort.
On some devices, you can hold the button to activate your voice control applications and skip tracks.

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