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For people who have Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss, if you have difficulty in hearing the television, need family shout or repeat loud within 6 feet distance or speak loud next to your ear, can't hear telephone ringing, dog barking, this is for you. Choose the correct volume which you feel comfortable and clearly, but pls note to adjust volume to the minimum before wearing and then increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound. This product is ideal for hunting, bird watching, listening to lectures, or listening to any sounds that would be too faint for normal hearing to pick up.

The Crescent Personal Sound Amplifier uses a patented design to fit comfortably in the ear, leaving the ear canal completely open and free of any "plugged -up" feeling. It's easy to use and handle, and is equipped with a powerful, flexible digital amplifier with advanced feedback suppression for exceptionally clear sound.

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