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This connection will see the 40mm drivers pump out an impedance of 16 OHM and provide a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz.   Weighing 281g, this product isn't the lightest we've felt and that would be partly due to the solid metal framing and a 400mAh in-built battery, which claims a 12-hour playback time. We've seen a few companies leave out the carry case and it's a real shame, seeing as these products are designed for travel, they will easily become worn, scratched and beaten by being carried in your luggage, handbag or backpack. The soft pouch allows you for a little extra protection, especially against scratches on the bare metal frame.  The audio and charging cables are of great length, because one again, many companies are offering inadequate charging cables which severely limits your ability to top up the device.

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