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So, here are the features of the app, as described on the site: (and no, this is not a paid product review. With Fooducate, I have made some eye-opening discoveries, which I plan to share with you on an ongoing basis.
Getting better, but still not nearly as good as what you’d think based on its commercials. I am the proud mama of two wild, yet extremely lovable boys, a freelance communications consultant and a writer. This super cool mobile app grades individual food items based on a variety of nutritional factors.

I will definitely be checking out this app…unfortunately I know its going to rock my world a little bit! Join me as I chronicle my journey towards being a better parent, staying healthy and calm, finding the positives in tough situations and laughing at life’s little comedies.
Similar to Kellog’s Frosted Mini-Wheats, Fiber One Frosted Shredded Wheat is an excellent choice.
But keep in mind, this rating is for the original version, not flavor blasted or pizza flavored. No problem; the flavored versions, including Touch of Salt, Garden Herb, Parmesan Garlic and more, all come in at a B+ as well!

But if there are other ones out there that may be a little healthier, why not add it to the mix? This one is a petroleum derivative that can cause nausea, delirium, and ringing of the ears.

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