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22k gold necklace earring set, beautifully designed with bunches of small gold balls (ghoogri) all around the necklace and the earrings in matte finish.
If you are very particular about perfection in finishing, please look in our regular categories. 22K Gold Necklace - StLs11807 - 22k gold necklace without earring,designed in matte and dull finish with light construction style.
22k gold necklace without earrings, designed in matte and dull finish with light construction style. 22K gold designer pendant set (antique finished) with precious and semi precious stones displayed in a Tassel.
22k Gold Necklace & earrings set, designed with meenakari work in filigree and machine cut combination with hanging Ruby balls.
As everyone has their own preference for closures be it magnets, slide-locks or beaded toggles no instructions for a clasp are included.

This pattern is for personal use only, you may sell what you make but please do not copy or distribute as this is a violation of copyright. My nights are usually spent in front of my home PC, typing at the keyboard away writing some posts for the numerous blogs I write for. One of the indulgences I allow myself to have after the end of a tiring work week is a good hot bath using bath products that feel oh so good on the skin. Like I said when I pinned this on my Pinterest My Style Board, this earring is for channeling the inner Daenerys in you. I think this was fan-made but for a Harry Potter fan like me, it sure would be great to collect.
It may be aged, may have been exchanged by customer in the past & may have light scratch and or dent, odd length, less shine than normally expected.
Everyday when I browse the internet I see a lot of weird inventions that are sometimes brilliant and are sometimes nutty.

I can recall a lot of times when cooking and the recipe calls for letting the liquid to simmer with the lid half-open and I’d just slide the top off the pan for a bit, thus risking for something to fall on it like small insects, dust etc. Aside from this blog, you may also find me writing for my other blog sites Creating Spaces and Little Rock Creations.
Since I'm a little busy bee and I love to write, I am also a writer for When in Manila and Back2Gaming.

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