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Dear User, Please use the drop downs below to locate your city by first selecting the country and then the state. Please Note : DUE TO CLIENT REQUESTS, WE WILL BE DELIGHTED TO SET THE CENTER STONE AREA OF THE EARRINGS WITH GEM QUALITY CUBIC ZIRCONIA?S AT NO CHARGE.
The concept behind diamond earrings jackets is extremely simple, they are simply a fast and easy way to accessorize your diamond earrings, so that they can provide a variety of different looks, in the few seconds that it takes to slide them on or off the earring posts that slip through your ears.
As you can see in the photograph of the 18k white gold and diamond hearts earring jackets that is provided above, the earring jackets consist of a halo of small diamonds, that create a larger circumference of sparkle, when the diamond earring post is slid through a hole that is made to snugly hold the earring post in place; you can see the hole that I am referring to in the reflection of the hearts earring jacket that is pictured to the left, it’s visible in the lower left of the image pictured to the left. One of the nice things about diamond earring jackets is that they provide a cost effective way to spice up the look of traditional diamond studs, because you can change the look of your earrings dramatically in just a few seconds!For instance, you can use these dangling double bezel drops from Brian Gavin to create a dazzling pair of diamond drop style earrings in seconds, by simply sliding them on to the earring post of your diamond stud earrings!
The addition of colored stones, such as pink or blue sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and other colored gems are also good ways to accessorize your diamond stud earrings, and expand the ways in which you may enjoy them! Regardless of what your preference is in terms of the accent stones used in the earring jackets, Brian Gavin Diamonds offers an extensive selection of diamond earring jackets, including the newly launched Fiore Collection seen to the left and can provide personalized advice as to  which variety of diamond earring  jacket is best suited for the size of diamond studs which you own, and which style of jacket will best fit with the particular settings that you have.

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We have 6 -7 assorted patterns for Bali earrings with diff assorted colored drops .We have more then 20 designs for Stud and delicate earrings with assorted colors and patterns.
The exquisite circle of hearts that rests beneath the halo of diamonds is the inspiration for the name of these Brian Gavin Signature diamond earring jackets.
And they cost only a fraction of what a full pair of dangling diamond earrings would cost, because you already own the diamond stud earrings which create the center piece for the design. All Styles are Available in 14K or 18K White or Yellow Gold or 950 Platinum and Available in All finger Sizes.

Available colors : Emerald ,Ruby ,Green , Pink , White , Purple , Violet , Grey , Brown and more as per the stock available . Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post.Trackbacks are closed, but you can post a comment. Mix lot of Designs et colors will come as per images plus new porduction designs based on the stock availability. THIS PAIR OF INTERESTING DIAMOND EARRING SETTINGS ARE AVAILABLE IN IN AN ASSORTMENT OF SIZES AND SHAPE CENTER STONES.

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