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There are several categories for Chinese food therapy in preventing and in the treatment of diabetes. Even though TCM classified diabetes into three types based upon clinically manifest only, but there are three main organ patterns according to what is the imbalanced organ involved, so that, food therapy should be directly stress the involved organ. Cooking instruction: Cook rice in water (150 ml) until soft, and then add soy bean milk (500 ml – no sugar added).
Clinically this type of diabetes, the person is always very hungry with a vicious appetite as main symptom.
This type of diabetes with longer illness with main complaint of frequent urination with copious amount of urination, some of the urination smell sweet or look turbidity or even milky color. This entry was posted in TCM Food Therapy and tagged energy, food therapy, health, medicinal, Qi, Qigong, recipes, TCM. There are many complications of diabetes such as retinopathy, nephropathy, atherosclerotic coronary and peripheral arterial disease and peripheral and autonomic neuropathies.

That is the reason exercise is important in preventing diabetes and helping to control blood sugar.  The increased circulation prevents and helps in delaying any degenerating complication such as neuropathy. In general, diabetes patients should eat more bland food rather than hot spicy food that further damage body yin fluid, avoid sweet and greasy foods and alcohol consumption.  Smoking can further damage lung yin fluid that can worsen Xiao Ke (diabetes) in Chinese Medicine theory. Try to avoid processed carbohydrates, eat more multi-whole grains such as corn, barley, buckwheat, brown or black rice. They will have a feeling of constant thirst, weight loss, frequent urination and constipation, dizziness, blurred vision and tinnitus. Most patients will have some weakness of both knees and sore at the lower back.  People also have other signs and symptom such as dry and itchy skin and dry lips and dizziness and tinnitus. Helen Hu, originally from Beijing China, has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since the age of 12.
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A Cardiologist and practitioner of integrated medicine for nine years before immigrating to the United States, Dr.
Once the body’s energy is blocked, there is stagnation and eventually, toxic heat will be generated. The toxic heat will further consume the vital organ’s fluid and cause organ malfunction and disharmony. The lung organ, spleen and kidney have not been in harmony for a long time before Xiao Ke (diabetes) develops.
Hu has been practicing Tai Ji and Qi Gong over 25 years, and she teaches these ancient Chinese arts Saturday mornings on Shelter Island in San Diego as a gift to the community and to help promote well being and longevity.

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