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We are exporters of garments like silk skirts, tunics, kurtis womem accessories like tattoos, bindis, bracelets, bangles, tikas, anktels, payal, jewellery sets, earrings, rings. Product DescriptionSet includes 16" + 2" extension 4 strand amethyst chip and peacock cultured freshwater pearl necklace and matching amethyst chip and peacock cultured freshwater pearl sterling silver french wire earrings.

We specialize in Bharatanatyam dance jewellery, Ankle bells, Kuchipudi jewellery, Temple Jewellery and dance hair accessories.
Our south Indian temple jewellery items are suitable for Kuchipudi dance & Bharatanatyam dance.Temple jewelry designs , Bharatanatyam Jewellery, different types of ankle bells (ghungroos for Indian classical dance) for adults and kids in our online shop.

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