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If you just got your belly button pierced, you have to observe the piercing carefully for signs of infection. When a yellow, thick fluid begins to ooze out from the piercing, an infection is definitely present.
If the piercing manifests only minor signs of infection, cleansing using alcohol is usually done. If an abscess is present and if the pus is not draining well, surgical drainage of the discharge may be needed. For mild cases, application of warm compress may help circulate the blood and drain the pus as well. I was wondering about have an odd bump in the belly of the piercing and i have no clue it it a part of the photo on this page and should i consider getting check out? Buy plain white aspirin (not the gel ones and with no coating), crush up 1 or 2 (i only use one) and mix in with distilled or boiled water to create a paste and apply it to the piercing bump. Mine was done 3 day ago and im haven the same problem yes it is infected but mostly the cause of the infection could be an allergic reaction to the body jewelry.
I’ve had my belly pierced 3 times and I think it’s going to fall out again because the skin has gone quite thin and I clean it twice a day with sea salt but the skin is still thin, any advice? My belly button is sore, I have redness around the top, it started to pus but not a lot, it’s starting to scab up aswell I’m starting to worry but the best thing to do is go to your GP or local hospital they are the best bet for this type of problem SHOULD YOU BE WORRIED IF THIS HAPPENS? It’s probably not infected, a little crust or blood on the bottom hole is usually just irritation or healing.
I got mines done close to a month not but i dont know if its infected because everything is fine except for when i squeeze it a yellowish greenish fluid comes out. I got my belly button pierced on Monday and it Friday and it a little red and has some pus coming out of it should I be worried?
I got my bellybutton pierced six months ago and i think its infected but I cleaned it everyday and I used the saline solution like, ten times a day. I got my belly butten pierced by my mom two weeks ago and it doesn’t hurt it’s not pudding anymore it just had crusty stuff around the barbell and the skin on top is red and the skin in the middle is purple is it infected or is it because I use proxcide to clean it?
I got my belly button pierced Monday and it is now Friday, I haven’t touched it without washing my hands, and I clean it around 3 times a day with sea salt and water, as well as special antibacterial soap.
I got my belly button pierced Monday and it is now Friday, I haven’t touched it without washing my hands, and I clean it around 3 times a day with sea salt and water, as well as special antibacterial soap. Okay this is my frist time doing this but I got my belly botton pierced about a month ago, I have been cleaning it but now it hurts a bit and its red inbetween the to balls. I got my belly pierced 2 weeks ago & it was fine until 2 days ago that I noticed purple around the little ball on the top & im actually worried now is it infected or not?
I had my belly button pierced about 3 months ago but it just keeps bleeding and it’s always red and the redness won’t go away do u think it is infected??
I have got mine pierce a month and some day ago and I have stop cleaning as regularly as I used to…a white looking pus keep coming out of ot but it doesny hurt and on the top its kind of black like when I get a cut, om guess its because of yhe type of skin I have. I got mine done 5 months ago professionally done and puss is still coming out of it, even with saline solution crusty puss keeps forming around the ring.
And while many people just have a dual stone belly button bar, others are taking their individually to the next level. But some piercing, such as those done in the bellybutton, can cause breaks in the skin that can be a source of infection.
It is important to note that swelling is present during the initial stages of healing, however, as time goes by the swelling subsides.

This yellow fluid is called pus and it often appears watery but sometimes it can have a thick consistency. Once you notice that there might be possible signs of infection, have it looked by a physician so that proper treatment can be put in place. Alcohol is a disinfectant that kills microorganisms that may cause infection; it also induces drying to prevent bacterial growth.
Just make sure the warm compress is cleaned or disinfected before it is applied to the area. Leave it on for about an hour (i usually put a band-aid over so i don’t get it everywhere lol).
I had to change mine to a bioplas belly barbell, it is starting to feel better able to move it easier and also able to clean it better being that the swelling as gone down. I bumped it when i first got it done like that day n it bleed and the blood kinda seeped through the layers of the skin and left a bruise it was gone in a few days it really doesnt hurt that much only if the top part of the piercing gets bumped by my nephew or well i sleep n stuff its ony red on the top of the piercing n when i clean it i use gloves like the doctors have so its cleane im sick at the moment with a sinis ifection n ear infection i was comming down sick before i got it done and a little bit of yellow goowy stuff comes out if its moved or sqweezed u know n ive cleaned it with sea salt soaks n sea salt spray soaks when im home and have time and spray on the go in a hurry. I noticed the top part is red and some yellow-greenish stuff is coming out or dryig around the top.. A month ago i lost the ball and the piercing kept falling out so i took it out and left it out for about 2 weeks. The bottom of my navel is swollen & it hurts but im not sure if its infected someone please tell me what can i do to reduce the swelling ? If the bellybutton piercing is not handled hygienically and not taken care of well, bacteria and fungi might take advantage and this can cause an infected bellybutton piercing. To know if your bellybutton piercing is infected, observe for the following signs and symptoms. The abscess can be accompanied by swelling, hardening of the surrounding tissues and darkening of the skin. If not you might be introducing bacteria and fungi to the wound, which will only worsen the infection. I clean mine with salt water treatments and Bactine and i know everyone says not to use alcohol but i use it because its infected. Your body is trying to remove the piercing my eliminating the skin cells till the ring falls out. It was a early christmas present from my bros gf im 18 n only eve lr had my industrial done but do u think maybe because im sick n ammune system is low maye it got infected a little if so i will go bk to my dr an have him look at it n give me something.
Your belly button ring is going to shift around during the healing process so it’s completely normal. Plus I don’t notic the pain much because of my son hes 5 months and likes to kick at it. It is my first belly piercing & I just wanted to know what I can do to get rid of the little bit of swelling around it? Check out these mesmerizing piercings for a bit of inspo.Belly button piercing is one of the most common types of piercing that a person can opt for.
Redness is also another sign to look for, like swelling; redness is also present initially but eventually subsides, as the piercing heals. When the piercing advances to its later stages, the pus may appear thick and yellowish-green in color.
The presence of an abscess usually indicates the disease is in its advanced stages; prompt treatment is therefore needed in these situations. I wish i could post a pic so u could see it its not hot or sowllen just red n got some pus i think n only really hurts when hit or gets cought.

In fact, in many cultures, belly button piercing can symbolize a variety of different things as well such as strength, courage and fertility. This stage can be dangerous as it can lead to sepsis or septicemia, conditions where the infection spreads throughout the blood.
I wear half shirts when im at home so i dont have to worry bout that but when i go to shool i wear baggier shirts and not so tight tight shirts. Just do a salt water soak 1-2 times a day for about 5-10 minutes & it should start getting better. In the American culture, it has become a fashion statement that both men and women enjoy showcasing. The hole didn’t close up, but I noticed a little resistance at the bottom when putting it back in. While it is more popular amongst women, many men are also getting naval piercings to accent their washboard stomachs.There are several different ways that you can pierce a belly button. Traditionally, naval piercings are done through the top of the belly button, placing a curved barbell through the naval, usually with a studded end. However, many individuals have taken this art one step further by adding lavish charms or jewels to the end of their barbell as well.In honor of many ancient cultures such as the Egyptian and Arabic cultures, many individuals are getting the bottom or sides of their naval pierced, using various jewelry or dermal piercings as well. This creates a unique look that, while covering the belly button completely in some cases, it generates an entirely new sense of awe to those gazing upon them.When looking to get your belly button piercing, you should always accent the form and shape of your own body. I have no idea how to treat it, as it is not a new piercing, and have no idea what’s causing this issue. Those with outter belly buttons may opt for a piercing through the center of their belly button since there is not enough room to go through the top or bottom of it.You may often see belly button piercings that incorporate chains or band around the entire waist line as well.
Since belly button jewelry comes in all different shapes sizes and designs, it gives you the ability to create your own sense of individuality perfectly. While many people opt for simple jewelry that accents their body shape more than their fashion sense, it is not uncommon to see studded jewelery that is relatively small in size.
Since the belly button is one of those body parts that is often exposed and deemed as a sexual desire for many, you will often see women get really creative with their belly button piercing choices!Common Things To Consider When Getting Your Belly Button PiercedYou should always consider the amount of skin and cartilage that you have around your belly button before you decide to get it pierced. The stronger the cartilage is around your naval, the less issues you will have when getting it pierced. Many people often find that without this, the piercing will not stay in and can often rip out, so to speak, most commonly when they speak.
While it sounds like a painful thing to happen, you often do not even feel the piercing remove itself from the skin.You will also want to ensure that you are getting the right jewelry. However, if you at some point will want to dabble with the more lavish types of jewelry, such as bigger barbells, hoops or crossway jewelery, you will want to get your original piercing with a larger gauge needle to accommodate your jewelry choice.Body piercing such as naval piercings can often help you develop a strong love for piercings. It is not uncommon to base your belly button piercing around tattoos or other forms of piercing such as dermal piercings. Since women love to wear bikinis in the summer months, you will often see the most creative piercing designs that are unlike anything you will ever see.

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