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Essential for any jewelry wardrobe, diamond earrings never go out of fashion and are always appropriate and elegant. 18K yellow gold is beautifully crafted to hold gleaming diamonds that are set perfectly in precision. It has to be said that overalls are no longer just for kids and painters…  Everyone from the hottest fashion editors and bloggers to celebrities are embracing this super relaxed trend. The hobo bag is perfect for giving you that cool relaxed look even when you’re carrying around everyone else’s stuff! Behind every great woman is a great bag and every woman needs a great hobo bag in her arsenal. This may sound crazy since we have always been taught that bra straps should always remain hidden, and in general this is a good rule of thumb.

I love jewelry as much as the next person… Perhaps even more…  But life after baby has meant storing so much of my beloved jewelry in fear of it scratching little one or getting ripped out by little one…  Fortunately, ear cuffs and earrings that are cropped closely to the ear are everywhere right now and there are plenty of options which give me my jewelry fix while also preventing any possible accidents. And for those moms not ready for their little ones to have their ears pierced – Lena Wald (amazing jewelry designer!) has come up with earring tattoos for them that they will absolutely LOVE! Pakistani Famous clothing line Ego has lunched new collection early bird 2016 for every girls and women.
Gul Ahmed takes inspiration from vintage period, our lifestyle and most contemporary style designs. A local jewelry designer designed this specail pair of earrings and wanted one of the focal points to be Lapis drops which appeared to protrude from the bottoms of the earrings. These neat earrings are made from fine stainless steel with sterling silver ear hooks and are handmade in Australia.

All earrings come in a gift box, so make great presents for friends a€“ especially easy to mail overseas.
Pair it up with a leggings and kurta, salwar, or saree and go chic with diamond and gold accents that add an edge in all the right places! Four larger diamonds forming a square and two rows of descending smaller diamonds is what our expert artisans have used to give this fine piece of diamond earrings a smart and elegant touch. After this, carefully selected diamonds are perfectly fitted in the gold to give you the best piece of Indian diamond earring, for you to wear.

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