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The simulator runs continuously, allowing you to view immediately the effects of your actions. Probes can also be added just about anywhere on the circuit allowing you to see real-time graphs of voltage, charges and energy (for electronics) or velocity, power and speed (for mechanics) just to name a few. CT also has full support for sound-based circuits as this electronic organ pictured left will prove. If you click on the image to the right, you can see how programming is done through the flowcharts. While the mechanical features aren't as rich as the electronic ones, you will not be disappointed. Students can "make" burgular alarms, vending machines, temperature sensors perhaps even a radio controlled car all simulated within Crocodile Technology. While CT is designed for school use and most commonly available in its "Professional" form (for which a minimum of 5 licenses must be bought), a student edition is available priced quite reasonably at ?49.95. Crocodile Technology is a truly unique piece of software - well designed and implemented, fun and most importantly educational, any student (of all ages) will learn something while playing with CT. The sheer range of features, ease-of-use and practicality of Crocodile Clips' Crocodile Technology 1.5 has astounded me. It allows teachers to create large worksheets with integrated problems (example shown right). A huge variety of standard (and no so standard) components can be used to create an infinite amount of circuits.

For example, to the right you can see how turning on too many bulbs blows out the safety fuse. You can create a huge number of circuits, easily applicable to anything at the high-school or simple university level. Remember CT is developed as an educational tool, not as a simulation tool so you won't find real world modelling here. With its unique sound capabilities, ingenious programming features, simulated mechanics and a huge library of help files and templates you couldn't ask for more.
The last time I found such a complete piece of software was the excellent MCell ALife Simulator. The worksheets can include simple multiple choice questions or complete electronic problems ("build x here").
Many of the items are represented in their standard diagrammatic form and also a more lifelike (a Duracell-lookalike for a battery etc.). When something blows up, you can simply click on it with the "Crocodile Tool" and it will tell you why it blew up and prompt to replace it. Three of the inputs are user determined (by pressing the buttons, the user toggles the value between 0 and 1).
CT comes with some other equally impressive examples, such as a noise generator and a simple beating soundwave where two sinusodial signal generators are set off 10Hz apart. What you will find though is an excellent range of components and experiments perfect for high school level physics and mechanics.

This means that students of all ages will be able to mess about with and understand electronic circuits within CT.
Programming the microcontrollers was a little confusing for a seasoned programmer like myself, since flowcharts are used. Text talking about resistance, for example, could be accompanied by circuit demonstrations. As an avid guitar player and music enthusiast, this was another aspect of CT I enjoyed playing with, tweaking the CT examples and playing with my own circuits. It will even let the student alter the circuit and find out what happens (blowing up a light bulb is my favourite).
The examples will be augmented by simple electronic circuits such as the example shown right. This functionality alone makes CT a brilliant educational tool, let alone the hundreds of other features!

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