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The CM Storm Pulse-R is a stereo gaming headset manufactured by Coolermaster under their CM Storm gaming brand (many of you may already be familiar with the gorgeous CM Storm Stryker, if not you should check out our CM Storm Stryker review).
The headset arrived boxed in a plain black box, hidden inside a rather stylish sleeve adorned with white, shades of grey and embossed silver. The back of the sleeve features a picture of the headset and lists the headset’s main features (see below) in various languages along with the Cooler Master and CM Storm logos again embossed in silver.
The right side of the sleeve, in various languages, lists the headset model and a website address for CM Storm. The left side of the sleeve features the specifications for the headset, microphone and in-line audio remote. Hidden beneath the tray we also find the detachable in-line remote and a pamphlet giving a brief list of features, specifications, warranty information and, health and safety warnings. The box contents include the CM Storm Pulse-R headset, microphone, 3 metre braided in-line audio cable and a user guide.
At the time of review the CM Storm Pulse-R aluminium gaming headset is retailing for approximately ?70 and comes with a 2 year warranty. Optimized for gaming-42mm Drivers deliver clear highs as well as powerful bass in all range of tones, creating an unprecedented audio experience for gamers. Cushioned ear cups and headband-Provide a luxurious feel and remain comfortable even after the most epic gaming sessions. Light ’em up!-Stylish white illuminated grooves within earcups and mic (USB powered) intimidate your foes and keep your gaming gear looking stylish. Durable aluminium plating (Ready to mod!)-CM Storm Pulse-R is the first gaming headset that empowers users to take creativity to new levels and create a product that represents their individual style, remove the aluminium plates and customize it as you see fit. A versatile weapon-Reinforced cushioned earcups and headband give noise cancellation and maximum comfort during long gaming sessions. Convenient in-line remote with volume slider and mic mute switch-Easily control volume and mic levels within arm’s reach with the sliders. Command with clarity-Detachable microphone arm with noise-cancelling mic system ensures clear in-game team chats. Upon picking the headset up, I found not only did it look solidly built, but it also felt it too (it would definitely take a few knocks!). The left ear cup features a microphone jack, a micro USB style socket and a removable aluminium plate with CM STORM engraved into it.
The right cup features the same removable aluminium plate, this time with the CM Storm logo engraved in it. Both cups are a slightly odd rectangular shape, have solid feeling cushion padding with a soft leather covering.
The headset uses the traditional slide to fit adjusters, providing an additional 25mm of expansion per side, so should fit most head sizes. The inner cups house the custom 42mm Drivers, protected by fabric with CM STORM repeated diagonally across it in white.
The CM Storm Pulse-R is a mid-range headset, so I’ll be testing it with on-board audio on an MSI MPower Z77 with the latest Realtek high definition audio drivers installed. With Day-Z, once in 3rd person vehicle view (as many players will know already), the audio becomes loud. The odd shaped ear cups on the CMStorm Pulse-R are particularly good for drowning out foreign sounds from interrupting your gaming.
The microphone behaved as expected and was clear, although I did have to turn the mic boost right up. If you like a lot of bass (the Greg Wallace YouTube video comes to mind), then I can and definitely recommend checking out the CM Storm Pulse-R.
Sadly for me this review is over and so is my time with the CM Storm Pulse-R and I now have to send them back (sorry James, I believe they may have been lost in the post ;)). Our anti-spam protection requires that you enable JavaScript in your browser to be able to comment! Personal computing has had its ups and downs of the last 10 years and these have not always been because of consumer reaction.
The CMStorm Pulse-R Headset -The CMStorm Pulse-R is a gamer’s headphone and removable microphone combo with 42mm drivers, USB powered lighting, an in-line volume slider, and mic control switch. The cross bar that makes up the head rest is thick and very sturdy with a nice thick pad in at the top. The detachable microphone is nice and is made of a flexible material so that you can curve it to best fit for you.
The weight of the Pulse-R is much less than other headsets from CM like the Sirus or the Sonuz thanks to the use of aluminum in the construction.
The included audio cable is cloth shielded which should help prevent the cord from getting damaged over time.
Our overall impression of the Pulse-R is that they are a constructed well with some unusual design choices (ear cup shape).
For my own experience the audio was fairly clean, perhaps a little too clean as the high end sounds seemed louder than the low or mid-range ones.
Before we get too far into my opinion on the Pulse-R and its ability to reproduce music I will admit that I am an audiophile (pronounce that audio snob). Other issues -We found that the volume slider did not work all that well, although this could be an issue with the unit that was shipped to us.
Conclusion -We hate to say this but we were a little disappointed with the Pulse-R when compared to other products from Cooler Master (and other companies). Overall the Pulse-R is not a bad headset, it is a pretty cool looking design and well… the audio quality is not bad, it just feels lifeless compared to many other products on the market. For decades, noise-induced and age-related hearing loss research efforts have focused on the loss of hair cells and the threshold elevations this causes.

In the normal ear, sound waves are transmitted through the middle ear bones to the inner ear, where they cause vibrations in the sensory epithelium called the “organ of Corti.” The organ of Corti turns this mechanical function into electrical pulse trains in the fibers of the cochlear nerve, which then carries the information to the brain for analysis of the acoustic scene.
Second, the most vulnerable part of the neuron turns out to be the synapse between the nerve terminal and the hair cell—and it happens to be difficult to see.
To maneuver around this, the researchers stained synapses with antibodies that target molecular structures within the synapse, which allowed the synapses to be seen and easily counted in a light microscope. Liberman and colleague Sharon Kujawa, director of audiology for MEEI, demonstrated noise-induced hidden hearing loss in three mammalian ears: mouse, guinea pig’ and chinchilla.
This suggests that every time we go to loud concerts or use power tools without ear protection, we may be losing cochlear nerve fibers and increasing our degree of hearing impairment.
A class of secreted proteins called neurotrophins has shown to play a key role in the survival of cochlear nerve fibers, and Liberman and Corfas recently found that overexpression of neurotrophin, in a genetically modified mouse line, partially rescued the post-exposure synaptic loss. Last week, The Hearing Review also reported on research in which cochlear implants stimulate neurotrophin production and thereby regenerate nerve fibers. To me this instantly screamed ‘Premium!’ (not unlike un-boxing a high-end mobile phone handset for the first time), already something to salivate over!
Unique lightweight, adjustable aluminium headband keeps you concentrated on what matters-Winning.
Because the bass is so heavy on the CM Storm Pulse-R, I would get a slight popping sound and bass distortion from the left ear cup (not good for loud bangs or chatting to friends with very deep voices).
The incredibly loud and well pronounced bass almost had me looking over my shoulder on occasions! I’d chosen this for the Pulse-R test because as an RTS it gets very busy (nothing to do with picking it up in the Steam sale a year or two ago and hardly having played it!).
Admittedly I like to have the audio pretty loud, but I wasn’t expecting not to hear a friend shouting at the back of my head from 3ft away and not to hear them. This is down to the clasp effect of the steel head-band and ear cups (perhaps my head’s recently put on weight!?). I like the way the microphone locks into the left ear cup and is sturdy despite being flexible.
I like heavy bass whilst gaming and this is the first headset I’ve used that has truly delivered (even without a loss in sound quality). In many cases the manufacturers have failed to meet the expectations of the people they are selling to. As you can see there is an aluminum plate that extends down from the cross bar to cover the back of the ear cup.
These have two different shapes which makes it almost impossible to mix up if you are not looking at them. It is an omni-directional mic with a 100Hz to 1KHz (which is the most common range for the human voice). Of course the proof is in the pudding as they say so let’s dive into the actual performance of the Pulse-R. After all different people like different music and even people that like the same music might like to listen to it in different ways. There was good bass that did not have any mud in it, but again the overly loud high end sounds seemed to overpower everything else. So I loaded up this title and then dropped in a couple of other movies that have good surround effects.For the most I ran into the same issues with the audio quality when watching movies as I did during gaming. These are not always other people’s favorites but they serve as a baseline and have some impressive audio features to them that can distinguish between good audio and bad. When I listen to music I look for little details and sounds that should be present in the track. Although the look very nice and the combination of Aluminum and white LEDs are a great effect, it takes more than looks to make a headset. Hair cells have long been considered the most vulnerable elements in the inner ear, but researchers working at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary’s (MEEI) Eaton Peabody Laboratory at Harvard Medical School have now shown that nerve fibers are even more vulnerable to damage. This enabled them to view a large number of synapses on hair cells in a normal ear, as well as the greatly reduced numbers of synapses hair cells following a noise exposure that caused only a transient elevation of thresholds. This means that we are well accustomed to the finer sounds within both the Unigine Heaven and Valley benchmarks. One of the first things I noticed upon joining a round of BF4 Beta, was a very deep rumbling sound, then what seemed to be car alarms going off (odd given I’d spawned in a building!?). The squad responses are very clear to your commands, even when stacked and as soon as things kick off in a fire fight, I’m certain I could hear every single shot, groan, scream and explosion.
I could tell clearly which direction shots were coming from and in which direction not to run.
However after a few hours use I quickly became accustomed to them, finding them to be comfortable even during long gaming sessions. Because of this you are slightly more limited as to microphone placement, but the flexibility you have is perfectly adequate. I loved the simple styling with the little details, complemented by the white LEDs (not too dull and not bright enough to blind, just right in fact). One of the biggest places where the market has failed the consumer is when they moved to “good enough” computing. Behind this is where Cooler Master (we will call them CM from this point forward) hid their LED lighting.
To make sure that I cover the audio products that we get here at DecryptedTech I like to have more than one opinion. The high-end sounds seemed to overpower the upper end of the mid-range and what should have been back ground noise surged to the forefront. In multiple conversation we had no issues with others hearing us and the audio transmitted back was clear and without any distortion.

Immunostain recognizes a molecule present in the nucleus and also in a key synaptic component within the hair cell, called a “ribbon.” The images shown on the right were taken with a confocal microscope. Add to that the sturdiness, tank-like build quality, ability to suppress the distractions of the outside world and option to customise the aluminium plates, I believe you’ll be seeing plenty of these at LAN parties.
We saw this as far back as the Pentium III when Intel pushed for onboard audio, networking, modem etc.
The lights here are white which is something of a departure from the more typical red and blue that we see out there. It is not the size or shape of most people’s ears and we are not at all certain that it will be comfortable or create enough of a seal to block out noise even with the large foam pads around it.
Usually I gather 5 other people to listen to different audio types (gaming, movies, MP3 and CD-Audio). It was not that it was bad, but it was very obvious when listened to especially in the movies that we use for testing. When I was listening with the Pulse-R I found that the things that make a track alive were absent.
For the majority of the slider length the audio was very subdued, but at the very end the volume became drastically louder despite the relatively minor movement in the slider.
It is true that the audio was very clean, but there was a missing piece that made the audio feel almost monophonic.
The upper image shows 8 inner hair cells from a normal ear (each cell has one large red nucleus) and about 150 small red dots (arrowheads), each of which shows a synapse between a hair cell and a cochlear nerve fiber. These devices were not the greatest of components, but they were “good enough” in the eyes of the manufacturers.
These will leave you with no doubt as to what you are getting (there is a nice picture there).If the picture and the highlights on the front of the box do not sell you then Cooler Master has put some extra highlights on the back. The right side is nearly identical to the left (both are marked) but it has a design on it that is a part of the CMStorm logo.Technically speaking the Pulse-R might be at a disadvantage. I then ask for a rating of one to five with one being the worst and 5 being the best for each category. With other headsets there was a thump that you could feel during certain parts of the game (especially during combat scenes) this was absent from the Pulse-R despite having good low-end. Other are A Day in the Life by the Beetles, Are you Experienced by Jimi Hendrix, and Cage the Elephant’s Ain’t no Rest for the Wicked. The high-end was too vivid and was not balanced by the mid and low-end; this was present in gaming, movies, and music. The bottom image shows another ear a few days after exposure to a noise that caused only a transient threshold elevation. This is predominately black plastic with aluminium sliders for the volume control and microphone mute and an illuminated (white) LED bar, co-ordinating with the CM Storm Pulse-R headset perfectly. Now the situation is shifting (very slowly) as these components are no longer good enough in the consumer’s eyes. It does have a large 42mm driver, but that single driver is trying to push a range from 20hz to 20KHz. We attribute this to the poor seal around our ears which is caused by the unusual design of the ear cups.
This was very disappointing considering the fact that both the Sirus and the Sonuz brought that to the table.
The size and shape of the ear-cups was also an issue and prevented the set from making a good seal around the ears (which also impacted audio performance). The confocal image shows no loss of hair cells, but a striking loss of synapses, which will never recover. Ground-Zero may not be fun to be in, but it sure sound’s good, especially on the CM Storm Pulse-R! Once you are finished with the outside (we imagine it will only take a couple of seconds) then you can pull the cover off and open the box. Again it is not that the audio is bad, it is just that it was massing what brings the audio to life. However, we also take into account the raw cash cost of the item.The Pulse-R retails for $85 which is an acceptable price for the build quality and materials used. This also caused them to pinch a little unless you fold your ears inside the cups (which can become uncomfortable). To be honest with you I was a little surprised that the Pulse-R was just nestled inside a plastic liner. Typically when you do this through a single source you can end up with mud in the mid-range as high and low end frequencies fight for space in the diaphragm.
The Pulse-R is much lighter than many other headsets that are the same size so it should not weigh on your head like some of the others on the market.
On top of that if the ear cups do not make a good seal around the ear outside noises can leak in while the sound from the driver bleeds out. Underneath the liner you will find a small instruction manual and the removable audio cord, in short everything you need to get going. Now that does not mean the Pulse-R is doomed, but unless CM did their homework then the sound might not be up to where it should (or could) be.

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