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The PW901A provides pneumatic power for main engine start, cabin environmental control, and has drive pads for two airframe-supplied generators that provide electrical power on the Boeing 747-400 aircraft. ATC Aerospace's sole business is managing complex supply chains that provide the right part in the right place at the right time to keep commercial and military aircraft flying. We provide customized comprehensive supply chain management and aerospace consulting programs to OEMs, system integrators, and prime contractors. Aerospace Asset Management Program follows a process to evaluate our clients' risk and will put a detailed plan into effect that will ensure the required service levels are met, whenever and wherever they are required. ATC will undertake a comprehensive assessment of the complete supply chain for the products, outlining areas of weakness and strengths to support the ongoing operation activity1. With several of our OEM customers, we provide complete order fulfillment services and customer service. Most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), repair stations, and aircraft operators are looking for creative ways to reduce inventory levels without any negative impact to operations.
Let our procurement staff reduce your administrative burden while ensuring the lowest possible total cost and strict adherence to all technical standards and quality systems.
ATC Aerospace's main warehouse is located at our divisional headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida. Fuel and oil prices continue to be the largest single cost item for the global airline industry (13.6% in 2001 to 36 % in 2013).
ATC's Aerospace division delivers customizable programmatic solutions to the Aerospace Industry.

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The PW901A is an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) designed and developed to provide pneumatic power for main engine start and cabin environmental control. Main engine components include: a gas generator section that incorporates a single-stage centrifugal compressor driven by a single-stage turbine, an annular reverse flow combustor with 14 air-blast fuel nozzles and dual high energy igniters, a Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC). Orders are recorded and executed in the OEM customer’s information system and shipped to the end user using the OEM customer’s quality systems and paperwork.
ATC customizes inventory management programs for each situation, and can provide cash for your inventory. Providing centralized spend management and working within the customer’s specified quality requirements, you can feel comfortable leaving your vendor management and procurement to our experts. With over 20,000 part numbers in stock, ranging from a small rubber O-ring to the largest APU, our warehouse is capable of handling all categories of aerospace inventory, including sensitive electronics requiring climate controlled storage and shelf-life controlled and serialized aircraft parts. Inventory management tools and techniques adopted from other industries often cause havoc when imposed on aviation inventory, with its sporadic demand, technical dependencies, and variable purchase and repair lead times. The effect of an aviation industry focused on fuel efficient aircraft and non-fuel cost efficiency gains has impacted many levels of the industry, and its supporting supply chain. In addition to full overhaul service, we offer major engine repair and component and accessory repair. We also offer AOG parts support, APU rental and exchange units and technical support through our global service network.

It also has drive pads for two airframe supplied generators that provide electrical power to the airplane. The former is directed to the gas generator compressor impeller, where it is compressed and passed through diffuser pipes to the combustion chamber.
The resultant hot gas energy drives both the high and power turbines before exiting via the exhaust duct.
Even the boxes and tape are branded as if the part had shipped from the OEM’s own distribution center.
You can rely on the best customized solution when teaming with ATC's aerospace consulting experts.
This APU, which is used on the Boeing 747-400 aircraft, is also suitable for marine applications. The load compressor air is directed to the load compressor impeller and then passes through a diffuser assembly to the diffuser duct, where it is used for aircraft pneumatic services.

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