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I have always wanted to be a nurse since I got my first nurse outfit from Twinkle comic at 3 years old, and have been one since I started my training at 18. Retired from playing rugby 6 years ago (bad knees and ankles) but still not one for moaning.
I have climbed two of the peaks before but that was several years ago and at least a year apart. I am hoping to complete the Three Peaks Challenge to help raise money for our hospital charity appeal as well as trying to keep fit!! Tom is a trainee GP despite having dabbled with the white stuff and tubes for a year in Portsmouth. Rebecca continues to prefer the white stuff and is a trainee anaesthetist, currently working in Portsmouth. Keen to lead by example both Tom and Rebecca are avid enthusiasts of fitness and the great outdoors!!
My main sports are those of the triathlon, and I have certainly climbed more meters by bike than on foot. I was born and brought up in Croydon and trained at Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School. I have always enjoyed sport and the great outdoors, but don’t make enough time these days.

An industrial Engineer until 6 years ago then gained my university diploma and new medical career. I have a beautiful wife and 3 fantastic children, who have already learned english better than I have. The Audiology Department works closely with the ENT Department to ensure patients receive the optimum treatment for their hearing related difficulties. Relatively simple blockages of the ear canal such as those caused by wax or foreign bodies will mean a referral to a Nurse Specialist in the ENT department. Rebecca recently completed her first marathon in NY (3:52:10), Tom completed the Edinburgh Marathon (time not to be mentioned!), he then went on to complete the 2008 Etape in great style! I have little experience of mountain climbing, apart from odd jaunts in the Peaks and Lake District. My name is Paul Gibbs and I am one of the doctors going on this 24 hour charity dash up and down the three highest peaks in each part of our much loved island.
So when the chance of doing the 3 Peaks came along with a fantastic bunch of people, I grabbed it with both hands. We will test ourselves both physically and mentally beyond anything I have done for many years.
I am married and i have two grown up children, and a very beautiful grand daughter (biased).

They will use micro-suction instruments in combination with a microscope to remove the blockage. This year brings the challenge of the Paris Marathon for them both, some exams and then the next Etape and full UK Iron Man for young Tom! The biggest conquest was climbing Mount Kinabalu in Borneo as a student, (highest peak in South East Asia at 4101m).
We may stretch friendships when we’re low, but ultimately share the experience of a lifetime. As you can see from the photo, with the fearlessness of youth I undertook this expedition in tennis shoes and Smiths flat-top!
This gives me the perfect incentive to fight off old father time and middle age spread, whilst raising money for a good cause to improve the quality of care for the people of Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. I suspect that with the wisdom of middle age I will be a bit better equipped this time and with a lot more grey hair.

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