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Soft and ultra light, these small little stoppers will ensure that your earring stay put without adding to the weight and will not be seen at the back. I am Khadija Kiran, A girl blogger & Art student, Its my 5th year going on wonderfully in the world of blogging. Que trabajos tan bonitos, ideales para hacer muchos regalos, sencillos, baratos pero muy divertidos y lindos.
If you are a beginner in this domain, I hope these craft works will be a great source of inspiration for you !!
Dear Neil, Ur art s so so beautiful nd amazing..

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A slight concave shape in the stud base helps in holding your bead in place with more ease. These earring studs or earring posts have a hollow half ball with a closed loop at the bottom. I am blogging for more than 5 years now, I love sharing DIYs, Arts, Crafts & Handmade things related home improvement & lifestyle. It is a beautiful art of rolling narrow strips of paper into different patterns and designs. You can do this on hard paper with colorful papers so that you will get a wonderful greeting card at the end!

Combining circular or ring-like patterns with bee-hive quilling paves way for perfect earrings. Neli has beautifully created shoes, hats, flower vases and many other stuffs with quilling. You can also makeĀ  paper quilling birthday cards and Christmas cards easily for your dear ones with this craft.

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