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With a post to her website, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer has cleared up months of online rumors about New Moon’s soundtrack. The tracklist reads more like a seasoned music fan’s dream mix-tape than a soundtrack to a vampire film idolized by 12-year-old girls. Join VK now to stay in touch with Nazar and millions of others.Or log in, if you have a VK account.

Serotonin is a darker gothic version of John Newman or Maverick Sabre, Suffocation is pure menace with a steely hum of generated feedback before the whole tune maxes out on skittering glitch and unfettered loops of percussive fury.Cyclical choral samples and undulating synth stabs permeate much of the remaining songs, including the rather poppy Spaceman which for all the world sounds like it will be soundtracking the moment on a competitive reality TV show when someone is announced as the winner. But whatever your preferences, de Sousa has assembled some of his most potent music previously streamed during the past year or so.

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