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If you aren't able to finish them within the given time, the quests will be reset and you can retake them again. Upon accomplishing the requirements, head to the floating castle and talk to the following NPCs.
Tip: Look at the minimap on the upper right corner of the screenshots to find the locations easier. If you already have 6 Proof of Sapha's Honor, head to El Dicastes and enter the southwest building. When a quest log appears on the lower right corner of your screen, head to the center of El Dicastes and talk to this NPC. After that, go 2 maps south from El Dicastes and look for a dark spot on the ground which says "Rubble".

After getting the quest log, head to the floating castle and talk to the Adventurer Receptionist.
Each one of them will give a random quest, either killing mobs or hunting items, which you will have to accomplish within 24 hours. Talk to him and enter "Shire's special cocktail delivery." without the quotation marks when asked. Cheshire will ask you to get 10 Hard Bloodstain, 10 Frozen Piece of Skin and 10 Cursed Magical Stone.
D= ( simple duda =P )Por el hat, y la Spare card, me atreberia a decir que es el Iro valkyrie. You can take 3 quests from 3 different NPCs and accomplish them, then retake them again after 24 hours to get a total of 6 Proof of Sapha's Honor.

All the quests are repeatable, meaning you can get as many Proof of Sapha's Honor as you want. At the lower right part of the map, you will see many dark spots named "Rubble", "Heap", and "Crack". Cuando tengamos el encargo vuelve al sotano de la fabrica en Manuk para recibirx2 Manuk Coins y 700k de job Exp.

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