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The DA40 is a single engine, four-seat low-wing cantilever monoplane made from composite materials.
Outside the planes appear quite realistic being very similar to the real deal and the whole package does have great eye appeal.A  I have to admit that the Interior looked a little Spartan and flat to me, and I would have liked to see more detail in the seating, but again this is a minor observation. As you can see in the pictures above the Iris DA40 closely resembles the real world variant good modelling.
The Interior is well appointed showing the luxurious club seats available in this aircraft with slight variations in the positions of the seat belts. The, handles, buttons, gauges, levers, lights and wheels all look realistic and are quite clear. There are 8 variants depending on the number of blades in the propeller and whether there is a wheel speed faring or not.A  It would appear that these are apparently based on real-life aircraft and it would have been nice to know the history of those 8 planes and why they were chosen.
The IRIS DA 40 G1000 has more functions than the default FSX G1000 and of course these are not described in the IRIS manual, nor are they described in the FSX manual, so there is a little intuition needed in interpreting some of the functions.A  I have to say that they are simple functions such as autopilot, Vertical Speed, etc so they are reasonably easy to deduce. I has been years that I didn't register or post in any forum since I sold my 97 Alfa GTV Turbo.
I just bought myself a 2009 8J 2.0 TFSI Quattro couple of weeks ago and main reason of buying specifically this car, of course beside its technology, 4 wheel drive system, driving pleasure, quality and so on, is the possibility of mounting Gauges to the car like an OEM part. Many Thanks, the leather has been selected from Nappa and imported from Germany, even diamond dimensions has been carefully integrated, steering wheel and gear knob leathers are original OEM perforated leathers. Regarding the iPad integration, I didnt want a home button hole in the bezel, so there is a hidden button on the left side of the bezel for iPad, in any case you can go to home by just using 4 fingers (gestures).
We used Sony MEX-GS600 BT for sound control, since Sony is the only manufacture to provide an App to control headunit, which is Appremote.

The capability of iPad as an headunit is amazing but for me the biggest pro is the screen resolution. The install is very easy, as I written down, there is the Sony headunit as the main media centre for analog radio, cd, usb and volume controls, you connect iPad via usb to Sony and all the volumes are getting controlled by Sony. Many Thanks John, alcantara has been covered after taking out of factory fabric, not on top of it.
I have a Podi boost gauge in the far left vent, but I find that a difficult position to read when actually driving quickly. I don't think it will be a problem of cooling during summer as well, since I personally never point air vents directly to my body or face, it is quite unconfortable and dangerous in my opinion. Heat performance on 5 celsius has been tested and it is the same as it was before as well, cause I normally point air to up to windshield and to the floor. In the real world (and in the Iris DA40) there are two upholstery colours, Premium grey and Premium Tan leather, but in the Iris they appear to be more “cloth-like” than “cowhide-like”.A  I like to see stitching! Unfortunately, none of the gauges “pop-up” or increase in size when clicked (neither do they in real-life), so a TrackIR would represent a good investment. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Believe it or not, I think 8J is the best car to put Defi's without losing factory install feeling. I didn't even clue in to that being an iPad at all, it just looks like it's part of the car. Also since Sony has bluetooth connection, you pair your iPhone with Sony and you are good to go for Bluetooth audio streaming and phone calls.

Sun visors not covered, it cannot be done nicely unfortunately since the surface is very small.
I have a couple of multi function, OBDII type gauges (also accepts standard sensor inputs). In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). VWvortex has over 750,000+ registered users discussing a wide variety of Volkswagen related topics. I'm about to undertake the headliner project myself, starting to source materials and look for a shop to do the work. Also, did you have them wrap the sun visors or were you able to source a matching OEM part?
I guess one could always redirect airflow to the foot area and defrost vents, but normally AC would be primarily out the dash vents. A In the default FSX C172 (G1000 Glass cockpit model), both the PFD and the MFD pop-up larger in front of the VC by using a “shift + number” key, thus making them easier to see and change in flight.

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