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Catalytic converters use expensive and rare metals as catalysts for a simple process that forces exhaust gases to essentially burn themselves off. Note: Contrary to popular belief, mufflers do not automatically reduce vehicle performance.
Sound absorbing mufflers are the most common type, and almost every muffler uses some combination of these two methods.
Choosing the correct product for your application can be really easy if you properly identify the noise from the start. Paul White answers some of the most common questions we receive about soundproofing and acoustic treatment for the home studio.
Whether it's keeping the noise in or out of your home, soundproofing is important when it comes keeping the neighbors happy. Bradford Gold insulation for walls and floors is specifically designed to deliver optimum performance in exterior cavity walls and suspended floors.
If there weren’t pipes to carry the exhaust gases away from the passenger compartment, the gases (which include toxic carbon monoxide) could poison the occupants of the car.
To learn more about how catalytic converters help clean-up vehicle emissions, check out this video from The Science Channel.

Mufflers reduce this sound to make driving a little more pleasant, as well as to reduce the amount of noise that cars make on public roads. A correctly designed cat-back exhaust system can have a muffler without sacrificing any power. Mumbai is a up and coming metropolitan city; however, the city suffers from pollution several forms. In order to represent sound pollution in roughly fifty seconds I masked certain sounds with other sounds. Once the distracting sounds fade away, you can hear the foot steps again and then stop, once you hear the ocean. There are many contributors to automotive noise and the noise exists across a wide bandwidth of frequencies. Especially if you're a proud parent of a child that enjoys playing the drums or an owner of a 1000 watt, window-rattling subwoofer. Most cities and states have ordinances regulating the amount of noise a vehicle can legally make, and that means that mufflers are required almost anywhere in the USA or Canada.
Cancellation is accomplished using baffles that cause sound waves to reverberate inside the muffler.

To effectively reduce the noise floor within a vehicle, a combination of materials must be used.
Sound is propagated as waves through air as medium in the dominant case, and secondarily through more substantial physical entities such as water, brick walls, timber construction and sp forth.
Cars honking, cell phones ringing, and air planes flying overhead are all examples of noise pollution. I also added man made sounds over the natural sounds, such as keys rattling, someone banging a trash can, and the static of the radio.
The pollution is so bad, in Mumbai, the government has placed signs that read, “NO HONKING!

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