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Works on Most Post or Stud Type Earrings including Starters used at retailers like Claire's, Piercing Pagoda, and Target.
Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that. The ez-Release earring remover is a patent pending design specifically for difficult to remove stud or post style earrings including starters! Engagement tips allow the ez-Release earring remover to be used with virtually any butterfly back. Press Earring Post into place and remove any extra Adhesive.  On smaller sized Cover buttons center the post, as they increase in size adjust post towards top. Ultra-light, colourful earrings, to add a dash of colour to any outfit and sure to be a conversation starter!
Other Details : They are coated with protective glaze that adds a nice shine and makes the earrings water-resistant. Each item in this shop is completely handmade and there may be minor variations in the product delivered.
The only thing better than the ultimate storage solution is one you can make from broken and forgotten materials you have on hand. When you’re done scrolling through this list, take a break from the pinning and get organizing! An old suitcase becomes a one-of-a-kind bathroom mirror that guests will surely want to snoop through with this how-to from Apartment Therapy.

An old picture frame gets a fashionable makeover with this simple yet brilliant earring holder tutorial from Kevin and Amanda. Paint old baking sheets in your favorite color and you have a chic message board and magnetic calendar!
Create a chic charging station for all your electronics out of an old shoe box with this guide from Everyday Family. Sherbet Blossom turned empty milk jugs into clear containers which you can use to store anything from socks to crafting supplies!
Avoid tangled ribbons and showcase your favorites with this ridiculously simple ribbon organizer tutorial using a slotted laundry bin from Spunky Junky.
And now for the simplest way to organize pretty much any drawer (sock, craft, kitchen)… boxes!
Not for use with plastic ear nuts, or Inverness starter earrings used at Walmart and one option at Piercing Pagoda. However, the ez-Release does not work with earrings from Walmart (earrings made by Inverness).
The rib will push the post out of the earring back without applying any pressure to the ear. Wear these adorable Earrings to match or accent your favorite outfit or dress up your favorite t-shirt and jeans for an afternoon outing. Hanging shoe organizers can even be used to organize your pantry or cleaning supplies closet.

Hang it above your desk and keep track of important dates and documents while adding a pop of color to your décor. Turn empty toilet paper rolls into chic cord compartments with this simple how-to from Organize Your Stuff Now. Exchange of items will be done in the following situations: - Wrong item was shipped - Item varied materially from the descriptionPlease ensure that you return an item for an exchange within 7 days of receiving your order. Or keep it for yourself and turn it into your personal crafting station like A Little Learning for Two did.
Four Generations has the how-to for turning your bread bins into the ultimate charging and organizing station. Shipping Address - Delivery of all orders will be duly done to the address as mentioned by you at the time of placing the order. If you’re still not convinced these glass beauties are the future, maybe this idea from Lovely Little Details will do the trick. If you would like any customization done for a particular item, do contact me for that too and I will do my best to make it available for you.

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