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At Hearing Health we endeavour to provide the most advanced hearing solutions to our Hamilton and New Plymouth clients.
This particular type of hearing aid comes pre-fitted onto a pair of stylish spectacle frames, ready for immediate use. Aside from their ease of use and discreet appearance, BHM spectacle hearing aids also possess key technical differences to some other hearing solutions on the market. If you would like to know more about the benefits of digital hearing, or how a bone conduction spectacle hearing aid by BHM can reverse the effects of hearing loss, give the helpful team at Hearing Health a call.
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I am a Doctor practicing Functional Medicine and I specialize in treating and balancing hormones, more specifically I focus on treating and reversing Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's. To this end we are proud to stock BHM’s digital hearing spectacles, the latest advancement in hearing aid comfort and effortless usability. Using bone conduction technology, BHM spectacle hearing aids provide digital broadband quality sound, reversing the impact of hearing loss on quality of life. As a bone conduction hearing aid it works by making contact with the temporal bone (behind the ear), sending tiny vibrations straight to the brain as nerve impulses.
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This allows sound to bypass the outer ear, effectively finding a way for you to combat hearing loss by side stepping the problem entirely.

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