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Our most advanced multimedia interfaces for those customers, who could be only satisfied with factory solutions. Using RHA's Aerophonic™ design and constructed from precision cut aluminium, the MA600i is engineered to produce high definition sound and provide effective noise isolation.
Developed specifically for the MA600 and MA600i, the 320.1 driver has been engineered to achieve optimum performance from the headphones' aluminium housings.
One of the truths of travelling is that there are often long stretches of boring which can be best endured by plugging in some headphones to listen to music or watch a movie. This is true if you are on a plane, train or automobile, especially when it’s night and there is nothing to see out of the window other than darkness. The major difference between the two styles is that the MA750i use a contoured over-ear cable to keep the ear pieces in place, something that is especially useful when the wearer is doing something active.

The MA600i headphones lack the over-ear cable and there are differences with the construction of cable. Both headphones have earpieces made from stainless steel and come with numerous silicone ear tips of different sizes and shapes to guarantee a perfect fit. The headphones are designed to be used with the Apple iPhone and come with a 3-button remote and microphone that is part of the cable assembly. If you are looking for a new set of headphones for your travels, then these models from RHA are highly recommended. Highlights Closed, on-ear cups designed to isolate ambient noise and prevent sound leakage.
Highlights 100% Authentic Burberry Bags and Wallets All Ready Stock in Singapore Directly Imported from Italy All Items comes with Price Tag, Care Card and Burberry Dustbag We only sell authentic and brand new items. All modifications are invisible from the outside, however your car will be capable of more. RHA, a British manufacturer of headphones, has an excellent selection for you to consider, especially their two latest models, the MA600i and the MA750i.

What’s nice about the way it is engineered is that the over-ear cables are not rigid, one-size-fits-all affairs, but are flexible enough to fit over any ear and remain comfortable while doing it. The cables on the MA750i are rubberized which minimizes tangling and the gold-plated plug is reinforced to prevent the interior wire from fraying. Instead of rubber, they are plasticized, but stiff enough that tangling is rare and the plug doesn’t have the same reinforcement as the other unit, but instead attaches to the cable at a right-angle. When you plug the headphones into your ears, their noise-isolating effects are excellent and the sound reproduction from the hand-made drivers is impeccable, even with a lot of external noise, such as on an airplane or bus. Don’t be surprised when you listen to a favourite track if you hear sonic details that you never noticed before.

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