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In general the left and right hemisphere of your brain process information in different ways.
These are just some differences that exist between the left and the right hemisphere, but you can see a pattern. Many academic subjects deal with symbols such as, letters, words and mathematical notations. When you process on the left side, you use information piece by piece to solve math problem or work out a science experiment.
Because the left brain strategies are the ones use most often in the classroom, right-brain students sometimes feel inadequate.

However, the learning and thinking process is enhanced when both sides of the brain participate in a balanced manner. However, you know that you can be flexible and adapt material to the right side of your brain.
Likewise, those of you who are predominantly left brain know that it would be wise to use both sides of the brain and employ some right brain strategies. On a quiz you have a gut feeling as to which answers are correct, and you are usually right. To use your right brain, create opportunities for hands-on activities, use something real whenever possible.

In writing, it is the left brain that pays attention to mechanics such as, spelling, agreement and punctuation.

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