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Washington Post reporter Geoff Edgers has crafted an oral history of the making of the groundbreaking song and video. These photos were never intended to be famous album artwork, but that's exactly what they became. The first astronauts to go to the moon weren’t humans - and they helped turn the Space Race around. MIT researchers have developed a way of 3D printing synthetic hair, opening up a world of new possibilities.

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They talk about the sleigh crashing due to an unlucky horse, scuppering our author's chances with a lady named Fannie Bright. Blogs are filled with Icons and Wallpaper, Bloggers are filled with joy and happiness sharing them.

The original, written by James Lord Pierpont and published in 1857, has different lyrics and a noticeably different tune. We are here with some awesome Christmas Social media icons like Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, etc….

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