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I love curlews – they may be common as muck round these parts but the beautiful plumage, strange down curved bill and haunting bubbling call make them special.
It’s a pleasant walk along the river into Woodbridge, there is another small level crossing to get into the town. SWT reserve Trimley Marshes is a long walk from the car park – about 2 miles to the hides.
I was treated to some lovely views of winter ducks – teal, wigeon, shelduck, and it was good to see a decent size flock of Lapwing. Closer to me was a male Stonechat and his mate, while in the hedgerows on the way out a flock of bum-barrels skitted across.

The island only seemed to hold about twenty teal but their calls rang out over the water sounding like many more.
January has been quite sunny and mild this year so I visited the snowdrop walks in Walsingham abbey gardens. This entry was posted in birds, nature reserves, travel and tagged birds, Norfolk, Titchwell on January 31, 2015 by richard. Mill Stream is a local nature reserve running along the boundary between Rushmere St Andrew and Foxhall Heath, starting from Rushmere Golf course and running through to Foxhall Road dip, opposite the Nuffield Hospital. This entry was posted in nature reserves and tagged local nature reserve on November 10, 2014 by richard.
This means that you will not receive multiple vouchers if you submit more than one review within a day. The low winter light was a treat on the leafless trees, painting them this lovely golden colour.
I had the reserve largely to myself, with only a couple of photographers with hardy camo gear in the morning.

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