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One of my ESL students, a Saudi, once mentioned a man had followed him on his way to class and yelled racial slurs.
Statistics on immigration and violence are notoriously difficult to compare, but there’s no proof of a causative effect. The One World Trade Center spire honors those killed in the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015. Recollecting my airplane story raised some personal questions: Besides my racially ambiguous physical characteristics, what qualities have allowed me to walk the line between in-group and out, first-person plural and third?
As the man said, we can’t be too careful these days, and the size of the “we” determines the object of our care. Posted in Lifestyle and tagged creating characters, immigration and crime, ISIS, National Front, Paris, prejudice, racism, terror.
When other students shared similar stories, I recognized his relief that the burden wasn’t his alone.
As Gabriel Garcia Marquez once said, “Reality is also the myths of the common people.” After our discussion in class, my Saudi student laughed off his confrontation with characteristic buoyancy. As a meager glimmer following this tragedy, the world united in a beautiful show of support.

In a time of devastating civil wars, large-scale bombings, mass kidnappings and multiple refugee crises, what is the precise motivation behind our outpourings of love in one case and not in others? People with accents, difficulty understanding or limited vocabulary, especially non–Western Europeans, bear the brunt of anti-immigrant discrimination and othering. Susan Sontag writes in Regarding the Pain of Others, “No ‘we’ should be taken for granted.” So which “we” deserves to be collectively mourned?
Those of us with the privilege of speech have a responsibility to use it not just to support such minorities but, more important, to withhold our speech and listen to those who are often ignored or spoken over. Amid new waves of protests against immigrants and Muslims, membership in the National Front, the French anti-immigration party, has doubled in recent years.
The Cato Institute study “Immigration, Labor Markets and Productivity” concludes that as low-income immigration increases, so does movement along the labor supply curve.
The few shocks we do see strike hard and reverberate outward in as many directions as there are people, a disorientation we carry forever like a ringing in the ears. When I spoke to him, I unconsciously, but with purpose, affected a vowel-lengthened Southern California accent (many people love the Hollywood idea of “Los Angeles”). This includes rethinking our indirect censorship, such as whom we exclude from our bookshelves, televisions, groups of friends and communities.

In the United States, the sentiment is so common that the debate among certain presidential nominees centers less on whether we should search out and deport millions of undocumented immigrants, and more on how much force we should use in doing it. As immigration increased between 1990 and 2006, wages for high school–educated native-born Americans also increased, by 1 to 1.5 percent. The French flag was displayed in lights on the Empire State Building and flew over Seattle’s Space Needle.
Will the tragedy become an excuse for our countries to realign their sights on citizens and refugees? Or will the progress be in solidarity with all the victims and potential victims of ISIS, outside our borders and within?

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