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At Life Resources we are passionate about living life fully and authentically, and sustaining life in all its forms. If the Eustachian tube doesn’t open properly or is blocked closed, it doesn’t clear the mucus.
Glue Ear:  This term was coined around how the fluid that has filed in the middle ear is of a glue like consistency.
When you feel a pressure in your ears such as when driving through mountains changing elevations your Eustachian tubes tend to close due to the air pressure fluctuations. To help prevent the problem with The Eustachian tube do the Valsalva movement a few times a day, especially if you feel pressure building up in your ears. We do this through developing non-judgmental awareness of ourselves, other people and all life forms, strengthening our ability to make choices based on this inclusive awareness - and supporting others to do the same.

This air helps to expel the mucus keeping everything clear and everything vibrating in full range. This causes pressure against the outer side of the eardrums and the pressure in the inner ear to differ. These can cause dysfunction for a few hours or weeks, and even permanent damage in some cases. When you feel this issue forming don’t ignore it- it won’t just go away, at least not right away and could get worse. This includes perennial rhinitis, hay fever, or anything else that tends to also trigger the nose and congestion in the head. When they open the pressure can cause them to overextend causing a temporary pain in the deep ear cannal (middle ear).

If either drum or adjacent areas to the Eustachian tube fill with mucus, it could cause distortions in hearing, ringing, and pressure in the ears which can lead to pain. Try it now, open your mouth wide like your yawning, you can feel the pressure as the tube opens just below your ears.

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